What is this new gun-ad­dled so­ci­ety?


What has be­come of us? Af­ter the tragic mas­sacre in Park­land there was shock and out­rage, and then came the thoughts and prayers from our politi­cians, along with the rou­tine con­dem­na­tion of dis­turbed peo­ple, and the oblig­a­tory sup­port of the Sec­ond Amend­ment.

And then came, once again, the strong public out­cry to out­law as­sault weapons, which seems to be a perennial non­starter. And af­ter min­i­mal de­bate and max­i­mum eva­sion, a min­i­mal so­lu­tion was of­fered, be­cause elec­tions are com­ing.

Un­be­liev­ably we have mor­phed from sor­row and out­rage to ac­knowl­edg­ment and ac­cep­tance that mass shoot­ings are the new real­ity: Arm teach­ers. Have ac­tive shooter and lock­down drills. Add armed guards. We can even buy bul­let­proof knap­sacks for our kids, although with the un­der­stand­ing that they can’t stop a round from an as­sault weapon.

What kind of so­ci­ety have we be­come? It seems to mean noth­ing that the rest of the world doesn’t have such an epi­demic of gun deaths, although they, too, have dis­turbed peo­ple.

Our mar­velous young peo­ple across Amer­ica, whose message is sim­ple, are say­ing, “Stop killing us,” and the mourn­ing fam­i­lies of the vic­tims are say­ing, “Enough.” If not for them this would al­ready be old news.

Don’t let our kids down. Amer­ica can do bet­ter. EU­GENE KAUFMAN, BOCA RATON

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