Sports fans will love this por­ta­ble hot seat

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Sur­viv­ing the cold at foot­ball games and other events will be a lot more com­fort­able and lux­u­ri­ous with the new Hot Seat from Pro De­sign.

The Kick­start cam­paign just started for what Pro De­sign calls the world’s first heated sta­dium chair. With USB-pow­ered Ther­maGridz tech­nol­ogy, your bot­tom will stay cozy warm with the heat, which will pen­e­trate deep into you.

Ac­cord­ing to Pro De­sign, Ther­maGridz, uses low-volt­age USB-pow­ered heat­ing, in a grid pat­tern of sin­gle core wire wrapped around glass fiber and coated in sil­i­cone, which pro­duces Far In­frared Ray heat.

With your por­ta­ble USB bat­tery (not in­cluded), you’ll stay warm for 1.2 hours with a 2500mAh bat­tery or up to 7.25 hours with a 15,000mAh bat­tery.

There are three tem­per­a­ture con­trols (high 115F, medium 110F and, low 100F) and 600D fab­ric cov­ers the chair to avoid any hot spots,

SoftTush­ion foam is built into the seat’s arm­rests and ad­justable back for long-term com­fort even without the heat.

The welded steel-frame chair is 16 inches wide, but you can drop down the arm­rests for a larger 20.5-inch wide seat.

An ad­justable back is 16-inches and you get 16-inches of depth in the seat.

Other fea­tures in­clude hid­den pock­ets, which un­fold from the arm­rests for items in­clud­ing smart­phones or keys. There’s a larger 15-by-4-inch pocket on the back.

One of the hid­den zip­per pock­ets on the front of the left arm­rest also acts as a cup holder and the bot­tom of the chair is anti-slip and wa­ter­proof. Af­ter the game, it folds flat and has ad­justable back­pack straps.

Pric­ing starts on the cam­paign with early bird spe­cials of $79.99, which go fast.

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Cool key­board

Roc­cat’s new Vul­can key­board is ideal for gam­ing, daily use or just look­ing flat-out cool.

I’ve had dis­cus­sions with friends or co­work­ers who think a key­board is a key­board until I let them try a dif­fer­ent one. The same is the case with the Vul­can; try it and you’ll see.

While the looks are amaz­ing, the per­for­mance is key and it works as well as it looks. I’ll ad­mit, I’m not a gamer, never have been and never will be. With the amount of com­puter work I do, I’m able to give any key­board a work­out and the Vul­can shined.

For gam­ing, I let a friend give it a few hours of use and he re­ported that the com­fort and re­sponse time of the Vul­can is out­stand­ing and the cus­tomiza­tion is crazy good. He also men­tioned that he’s not giv­ing the Vul­can back.

The Vul­can has ded­i­cated me­dia keys, which I know gamers will love, along with Roc­cat’s in-house-de­vel­oped Ti­tan Switches. These were specif­i­cally de­signed for gamers crav­ing a key­stroke that was swift and pre­cise while still be­ing tac­tile, with an in­stant re­sponse and com­fort.

When you first see the fu­tur­is­tic look­ing key­board, you no­tice how cool it looks. It’s built with a Roc­cat’s Aimo RGB light­ing sys­tem with long-life LEDs pro­duc­ing beau­ti­ful light­ing of each of the key­board’s dust-re­sis­tant, low-pro­file switches (keys), which are also spill proof.

The trans­par­ent keys along with an alu­minum back­ing pro­duce an amaz­ing the ef­fect, which you can cus­tom­ize on a per-key ba­sis in 16.8 mil­lion col­ors.

Three ver­sions are avail­able, the Vul­can 80 ($129.99) with black an­odized alu­minum, sin­gle blue il­lu­mi­na­tion and two me­dia keys.

The Vul­can 100 ($149.99) has gray an­odized alu­minum, RGB AIMO il­lu­mi­na­tion and pro­fes­sional grade me­dia con­trols, and the Vul­can 120 ($159.99) with grey an­odized alu­minum plat­ing, RGB AIMO light­ing, pro­fes­sional grade con­trols and a mag­netic, de­tach­able wrist rest.



A zip­per pocket on the front of the left arm­rest of the Hot Seat also acts as a cup holder.


The new Hot Seat from Pro De­sign uses low­volt­age USB-pow­ered heat­ing.

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