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If the thought of pulling out mops, buck­ets and brooms brings on more stress than seren­ity, re­mem­ber that a few tricks and some great tunes can make clean­ing eas­ier and per­haps even fun.

Set the Mood

There are work playlists, work­out playlists -- why not a clean­ing playlist? Put to­gether some of your fa­vorite, prefer­ably up­beat tunes to mo­ti­vate you while you’re work­ing and keep that mu­sic play­ing when you’re mov­ing from room to room.

Give your nose some sen­sory mo­ti­va­tion too. Spray a fresh clean scent to re­mind you of what’s to come when the work is done.

While the task of clean­ing ac­cu­mu­lated splat­ters and stuck-on food can sound over­whelm­ing, there are cleansers that can make the spruc­ing process a lot less la­bor-in­ten­sive.

You can clear the cut­ter of your cabi­net by opt­ing for a cleanser that works on a va­ri­ety of sur­faces and ap­pli­ances. For ex­am­ple, af­fresh Kitchen & ap­pli­ance cleaner and Stain­less steel cleaner can be used on re­frig­er­a­tors, mi­crowaves and coun­ter­tops and won’t be too abra­sive on fin­ishes. And un­like am­mo­nia or bleach-based clean­ers, you can sim­ply spray and wipe down with­out rins­ing. so prior to start­ing, throw out what’s old, pull out what stays and roll up your sleeves.

Clean door gas­kets, racks and draw­ers with warm wa­ter and mild dish de­ter­gent. Don’t for­get to clean un­derneath the re­frig­er­a­tor and the vent of the ap­pli­ance. Proper air flow pro­vides bet­ter per­for­mance and op­ti­mum ef­fi­ciency.

Once it’s all sparkly clean, ad­mire your hand­i­work. Then put your food back in­side be­fore it spoils.


The dishwasher cleans dishes. What cleans the dishwasher? Don’t stress! Clean­ing the dishwasher may be one of the eas­i­est tasks on your check­list. Just run a nor­mal wash cy­cle and add an easy-to-use tablet, such as af­fresh Dishwasher cleaner, to the bot­tom of the tub to help clean and re­move residue.

Like­wise, you can clean your wash­ing ma­chine by run­ning a nor­mal cy­cle with hot wa­ter and a washer cleaner tablet. A for­mu­lated tablet de­signed to pen­e­trate, dis­solve and help re­move odor-caus­ing residue from the in­side of the ma­chine will give your washer and your clothes a fresh scent.

Don’t for­get to check washer and dryer drains and pipes for block­ages -- such as lint or the in­fa­mous miss­ing sock -- to im­prove op­ti­mum wa­ter and air flow. Clean the dryer’s out­side ex­haust to help shorten dry­ing time and de­crease en­ergy use.

For more help­ful clean­ing tips, visit www. af­fresh.com. You’ll be done in no time.


With the right tech­niques, you can make clean­ing a cake­walk.

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