Ward­ing off a cold

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A scratchy throat, runny nose and wa­tery eyes can be dead give­aways of an im­pend­ing cold. WebMD re­ports you can hedge your bets in the fol­low­ing ways: • Nap, go to bed early or just do some­thing re­lax­ing like lis­ten­ing to mu­sic or med­i­tat­ing. • Stay pos­i­tive. “If you feel tired, over­worked, sad or an­gry … that can slow your im­mune sys­tem just when you need it run­ning at full power,” notes the web­site. • Drink lots of flu­ids other than al­co­hol — prefer­ably wa­ter. • Im­bibe warm liq­uids that can help open clogged nasal pas­sages. Hot tea with honey may soothe your throat. • Get a jump-start on symp­toms with over-the­counter an­ti­his­tamines and de­con­ges­tants.


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