Trust in the one who lifts bur­dens

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Lord, how they have in­creased who trou­ble me (read Psalm 3:1)! There are plenty of wor­ries that can weight us down. But as we re­lease them into God’s strong hands, He will help us through our trails.

Thank you. Lord, that we do not have to be weighed down by worry. Help us to place our con­cerns in your care so that we do not fear to­mor­row. Worry is a bur­den that God Almighty never meant for us to bear.

Ev­ery time crit­i­cism comes our way, we stand at a cross­roads of pos­si­bil­i­ties for good or evil. We can ei­ther em­brace cor­rec­tion and grow up or re­ject it and start down the slip­pery slope de­scribed in (2 Ti­mothy 4).

We can­not af­ford to “turn away our ears,” even when our crit­ics are im­ma­ture, ig­no­rant, or evil. Re­mem­ber, if God spoke through Balaam’s don­key (read Num­bers 22:28). he can speak through any­one. Be mind­ful to keep your ears open to God’s voice, re­gard­less of the form it may come in. Amen.

Lord, I ad­mit that it is easy to be con­sumed with my own wants and needs. Thank you that you showed us how to be con­cerned for oth­ers, too. Help me to fol­low your ex­am­ple in car­ing for oth­ers. car­ing for the bur­dens of oth­ers help us to for­get about our own.

Brothers and sis­ters, when you were saved, Je­sus Christ moved in and Satan moved out, be­cause Je­sus Christ won’t live in a du­plex with the Devil. When you face a prob­lem that drains your en­ergy, get (alone) with the Lord and give it to him. En­trust it to him in a con­scious act of faith. Wait on his res­o­lu­tion in hope­ful faith. You’ll be amazed at how you’re in­wardly strength­ened by the process. That’s re­new­able en­ergy that works! Brothers re­mem­ber, when a man has no strength, if he leans on God Almighty, he be­comes pow­er­ful.

Good things, such as health, tal­ent, and money - I can present to God Almighty as of­fer­ings to serve his pur­poses. And bad things, dis­abil­ity, poverty, fam­ily dys­func­tion, fail­ure - can be “re­deemed” as the very in­stru­ments that drive me to God Almighty. Fa­ther,

I am grate­ful that in all of life, your pur­poses are be­ing ac­com­plished. May I learn to have open hands - to ac­cept what­ever you give to me and what­ever You take from me. Help me to trust your heart. When we can­not see God’s hand, we can trust hs heart. Did you get that?

Wayne Robert Scott Sr., Peters­burg

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