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The Record (Troy, NY) - - COMMUNITY - — Kevin Gil­bert

Fri­day, Oct. 12, 1917

Troy has been as­signed a $7,000,000 goal for the Sec­ond Lib­erty Loan cam­paign to raise money for the U.S. war against Ger­many, The Record re­ports.

The amount to be raised is equiv­a­lent in buy­ing power to more than $127,000,000 in 2017 money. It will be raised through pur­chases of Lib­erty Bonds that will be re­deemed with in­ter­est by the fed­eral gov­ern­ment after the war. The Col­lar City was given a $4,000,000 goal for the First Lib­erty Loan drive last June.

“We have started the ball rolling and it will not stop un­til we have se­cured the seven mil­lion dol­lars asked of us,” E. Harold Cluett tells a kick­off meet­ing of Lib­erty Loan com­mit­tees at Y.M.C.A. Hall, “This is no time to quib­ble, it is a time to aid. Whether we con­sider the gov­ern­ment un­just or not, it has done the best it is able to do and we must give the best we have in do­ing our par.”

“A more en­er­getic and en­thu­si­as­tic group of work­ers has not been as­sem­bled in many years to carry on a pa­tri­otic work such as the present oc­ca­sion de­mands,” our re­porter writes. Wil­liam J. Roche whips up their en­thu­si­asm with an en­er­getic speech.

“We went into this war be­cause we could not do any­thing else and be Amer­ica, and be Amer­i­cans” Roche says, “Out sol­diers are across the seas and thou­sands of oth­ers are on the way … who will fight and die or be wounded that lib­erty may live and be ex­tended, that there may be an end to the atroc­i­ties which have shamed Chris­tian­ity and shaken civ­i­liza­tion, and that hu­man­ity and jus­tice may be­come un­ques­tioned and undy­ing prin­ci­ples and prac­tices among all the peo­ples of the earth.”

Civil­ians have a cru­cial role in the world war, Roche notes. “Our gov­ern­ment calls upon its peo­ple to up­hold the cause, to fight and clothe and equip the men who are at the front, on land and on sea…. This must be done by the power of money as well as by the brains and arms of the fight­ing forces. The dol­lar must pre­cede, or at least at all times ac­com­pany the bul­let and the tor­pedo.

Troy’s quota “is a big job,” Roche says, “but big men do big jobs. It calls for la­bor, en­thu­si­as­tic and un­remit­ting la­bor.

“The of­fice must be closed; the books on the desk must be shut, the neigh­bor must be en­listed for his sub­scrip­tion, whether large or small; the needs must be ex­plained; the in­dif­fer­ent must be aroused and the pa­tri­otic must be in­spired to do the full mea­sure of the oc­ca­sion and the de­mand.”

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