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BY SA­MAN­THA STANICH STAFF WRITER ( about) it, see­ing it live and ex­e­cuted on the stage. Once it hap­pened, I was in shock with ev­ery­one’s re­ac­tion, ac­tu­ally. Even though I was ner­vous, per­son­ally I was re­ally com­fort­able, and ev­ery­one else seemed re­ally com­fort­able and vib­ing out withme. It seemed like a good show.

How­did you get ( into rap­ping?

Rap wasmy fa­vorite genre, so I just kind of tried it out. Myfriends frommy old town in NewJersey liked the­way I rapped, and it kind of just picked up inmy ( new) town, so I con­tin­ued it.

Is your mu­sic all orig­i­nal? What is your writ­ing process?

Yes, all the lyrics are writ­ten by me. I do pur­chase my beats on­line. I’m not a pro­ducer; I don’t makemy own beats. It is pretty com­mon in the in­dus­try to do that. I pick the beat on the sound or on the vibe of it, and on howI am feel­ing at that mo­ment. I pick the beat first, write the cho­rus, then write the lyrics. I write how­ever I am­feel­ing in that mo­ment inmy life, withmy friends andmy fam­ily. How­ever that’s go­ing, I just base it off that. Allmy lyrics are ( taken from) per­sonal ex­pe­ri­ence or howI wish it was or howI want the fu­ture to turn out. Howhave you changed as a rap­per? Ob­vi­ously I’ve ma­tured lyri­cally, andmy sound has changed to more of an R& B style from a melodic, up­beat style.

What are some of your fa­vorite mem­o­ries as a mu­si­cian?

See­ing ev­ery­one’s faces in the crowds, ob­vi­ous­lymy friends’ and fam­i­lies’, but then see­ing how­to­tal strangers will pick upmy mu­sic and start to fol­lowme throughmy jour­ney.

Howhas the mu­sic scene changed over the years?

I have been in the area for 3 1/ 2 years now, and per­son­ally I don’t think there has been a sec­tion for rap. There are peo­ple, my­self in­cluded, who are try­ing to change that. We are just try­ing to keep do­ing shows in the area tomake it a big­ger de­mo­graphic for the Scran­ton/ Wilkes- Barre area.

Who has in­flu­enced you over the years?

My­cousin is a rap­per out in Pitts­burgh, Devin Miles. He is a huge in­flu­ence to me, ob­vi­ously, be­cause it’s in the fam­ily, but I also looked up to him grow­ing up. Bryson Tiller and Fet­tyWap are rap­per­swho have in­flu­enced me aswell.

What is the big­gest chal­lenge in rap­ping?

Imean, I don’t even know. Prob­a­bly, like, fear. Peo­ple’s opin­ions or views of my mu­sic; I’m re­ally picky about that. It has def­i­nitely hin­deredme be­fore, but it is some­thing I am­work­ing on ev­ery day.

What are your fu­ture goals for the band?

Def­i­nitely con­tin­u­ing pur­su­ing mu­sic, in­what­ever di­rec­tion it takes me. Tak­ing my mu­sic to the next level is my main goal, but­maybe later in life, try­ing to startmy own record la­bel or a record com­pany. I am re­leas­ing a newal­bum, “When Times Are Slow,” with 10 orig­i­nal tracks in the newyear.


Daw­son Bai­ley, Scran­ton, found his voice with rap mu­sic. The 16- year- old has sin­gles on iTunes.

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