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Gov. Wolf wanted a mod­est tax on Mar­cel­lus Shale. It would’ve helped all strug­gling school dis­tricts with mil­lions of dol­lars of in­fu­sion, but Repub­li­cans voted it out, so school tax will rise again.

Pottsville Again, special in­ter­est reared its ugly head. The tax makes sense and so do term lim­its. You see where I am go­ing?

• To the other caller from Pottsville and oth­ers who may think like him: You just don’t get it. I don’t care what the rea­sons were for protest­ing, it shouldn’t have been done dur­ing the play­ing of a foot­ball game and it cer­tainly shouldn’t have been done dur­ing the play­ing of the na­tional an­them. We re­spect our flag and those who fought and died for us.


I agree. Don’t use the venue of the NFL to protest. Wake up early the next day and kneel on your front yard. What are your chances of na­tional recog­ni­tion? Not good.

• I want to con­grat­u­late the few and the proud — which is the Shenan­doah Val­ley foot­ball team. De­spite your record, I con­sider you the best foot­ball team in the county be­cause you showed so much heart with so few play­ers. I can say noth­ing but how proud I am of you. Shenan­doah •

Lock ’em up, lock ’em up by in­clud­ing the liar in chief. It’s enough to try to con­trol the elec­tion, it’s worse when you try to do it with our ene­mies, the Rus­sians.


• To the mayor and po­lice chief of Shenan­doah: When of­fi­cers are out on pa­trol and they drive by a house and the mu­sic is blar­ing, why don’t they knock on the door and tell them to turn it down? And if they have to come out again, is­sue a ci­ta­tion. It’s usu­ally the same nitwits. These clowns have blocks of win­dows rat­tling.


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