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The van­dal­ism of the St. Ge­orge’s Church fence, it’s highly costly. It’s a cry­ing shame they would de­stroy some­thing like that. It’s $700 a panel.


• I don’t un­der­stand all of this out­rage about Roseanne Barr be­cause she said some­thing about an in­signif­i­cant Va­lerie Jar­rett. Where was all of this out­rage about what Kathy Grif­fin did? All of these things peo­ple say about the Trumps and no one was ever out­raged at all. But as soon as some­one says some­thing about a lib­eral lefty, ev­ery­body goes nuts.


• Trump-haters won’t give him credit for the huge im­prove­ment in the econ­omy. In­stead, they say it had al­ready started to im­prove at the very end of the Obama Ad­min­is­tra­tion. If that were true, it would only be be­cause that af­ter two terms, every­one knew that Obama would soon be gone.


Wow, you’re so smart. How you know what­ever ev­ery­body else knows is un­be­liev­able!

• Does any­one re­mem­ber that fa­mous quote, “I did not have sex with that woman”?


I doubt that any­one can’t re­mem­ber that quote!

• All we keep hear­ing is how the sewer is com­ing. Here we are putting in a bunch of drain boxes and storm pipes. Are we go­ing to tear it back out when we put the sewer in, or has that plan been scrapped?


• The pres­i­dent of the United States did not pay for sex with Stormy Daniels. That hap­pened about 12 years ago, sup­pos­edly, if it did hap­pen. It was long be­fore he be­came pres­i­dent. You ought to check your facts be­fore you go and spread your ha­tred for our dear pres­i­dent.


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