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Rock­star Well­ness clinic of­fers path­way to finer physique

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Achiev­ing an ideal body im­age is a jour­ney. For some, the jour­ney can be more te­dious, due to fac­tors that can't be con­trolled.

Whether it's a hor­monal im­bal­ance, a bit of sag­ging skin or low hy­dra­tion, Rock­star Well­ness, 2836 Malvern Ave., pos­sesses all the tools to help peo­ple achieve their ideal body im­age and leave the clinic feel­ing great.

Felice Story owns and op­er­ates Rock­star Well­ness Clinic LLC along­side her as­sis­tant, Ash­ley Ersk­ine. The pair have helped clients reach their beauty goals through ser­vices like Bo­tox, hor­mone re­place­ment ther­apy, and weight loss treat­ment since Au­gust, and have al­ready built up a small fol­low­ing across the state.

Story de­cided to open the clinic to help com­bat the grow­ing obe­sity prob­lem af­ter she saw the need while work­ing as a nurse prac­ti­tioner. She be­lieved if the is­sue of obe­sity is ad­dressed, many com­mon dis­eases and health prob­lems would be elim­i­nated.

The clinic spe­cial­izes in med­i­cal weight loss, Bo­tox and fillers, hor­mone re­place­ment ther­apy, cus­tom­ized I.V. hy­dra­tion drips and weight loss treat­ments. They work closely with a com- pound­ing phar­macy to en­sure their clients' treat­ment plan is top tier.

“All of us are dif­fer­ent, so it only makes sense to have cus­tom­iz­a­ble dos­ing,” she said.

A first-time client will un­dergo a series of tests and lab work the first time they en­ter the build­ing, which will help Story for­mu­late a spe­cific game plan to help a client reach their goal. They will start by hav­ing their body mass in­dex mea­sured and blood work done, all inside the clinic.

The re­sults of the tests show Story and Ersk­ine, a reg­is­tered nurse, the client's start­ing line. They look for spe­cific fac­tors that may in­hibit weight loss and of­fer sup­ple­ments to re­store hor­monal bal­ance.

“Some peo­ple, if they ex­er­cise and eat right will still go with­out see­ing any re­sults. If they have any type of im­bal­ance with any of their hor­mones, they are kind of de­feat­ing the pur­pose and they wont get any­where un­til those im­bal­ances are cor­rected,” Story said.

Two dif­fer­ent meth­ods of weight loss are of­fered at the clinic. One uses a spe­cial cock­tail of hor­mones and FDA-ap­proved medicines to en­hance the client's diet and ex­er­cises plan, while the other uses non-ion­iz­ing ra­dio fre­quen­cies to de­stroy fat cells.

BTL Van­quish Me uses non-ion­iz­ing ra­dio fre­quen­cies to safely tar­get fat cells below the skin and de­stroy them in a timely and pain­less man­ner. The process is done once per week for four weeks, and Story said they have seen some amaz­ing re­sults.

The FDA-ap­proved treat­ment is sim­ply sculpt­ing and con­tour­ing sev­eral ar­eas on the body through fat re­moval.

It is a no-con­tact, non­in­va­sive and pain­less treat­ment typ­i­cally last­ing be­tween 30 and 45 min­utes.

Story said she feels the weight-loss treat­ment serves as mo­ti­va­tion for peo­ple to change their life­style and eat­ing habits. It also greatly helps peo­ple that strug­gle to lose weight due to an is­sue with their thy­roid or hor­mones.

Hor­mones are fac­tors in many of the prob­lems peo­ple face when at­tempt­ing to lose weight, but that can also be linked to is­sues with mood swings, in­som­nia and low li­bido. Com­pounded hor­mone re­place­ment ther­apy pin­points the cause of such prob­lems and uses a mod­er­ated level of hor­mones to re­store the bal­ance within the body.

Story plans to soon of­fer hor­mone pel­lets. The pel­lets are in­serted into the body, pro­vid­ing a more level re­sponse in the body, ac­cord­ing to Ersk­ine.

Other ser­vices of­fered in­clude re­hy­drat­ing I.V. drips that help treat fa­tigue and speed up the re­cov­ery process for a per­son get­ting over phys­i­cal ill­nesses, and Bo­tox and fillers that tighten and firm the skin. The clinic will also soon of­fer laser hair re­moval treat­ments.

The clinic is the only one of its kind in the area. Story said some of her clients were trav­el­ing from as far away as Dal­las to have the treat­ments, but now she has peo­ple from across Arkansas com­ing to her clinic. Within the first month of op­er­a­tion, they have had roughly 30 clients.

“I want to see peo­ple leav­ing the clinic within a healthy weight range, in­creased ac­tiv­ity and im­proved qual­ity of life they can con­tinue to up­hold,” said Story.

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