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Dear editor:

This is the last of my cur­rent spate of let­ters fol­low­ing a two-year si­lence, lest I find my­self star­ing over­long into the same mir­ror …

Now a brief poll for read­ers of The Sentinel-Record’s “View­points:”

1. Which has the greater au­thor­ity? a. Holy Scrip­ture b. Po­lit­i­cal com­men­tary on cur­rent events c. They have equal au­thor­ity

2. Fre­quent let­ters that cre­atively com­bine po­lit­i­cal and re­li­gious views a. En­hance the rep­u­ta­tion of such views b. De­grade the rep­u­ta­tion of such views c. De­pends on whether one agrees or dis­agrees

3. Let­ters such as Ques­tion 2 con­flate re­li­gion, pol­i­tics and ha­tred a. Usu­ally b. Sel­dom c. De­pends on whether one agrees or dis­agrees

4. Most read­ers, when read­ing let­ters such as Num­ber 2 a. Agree b. Dis­agree c. Laugh

5. The pur­pose of The Sentinel-Record in print­ing Num­ber 2 is a. To sup­port the views ex­pressed b. To prac­tice re­spon­si­ble air­ing of all views c. To ex­pose the views to ridicule

6. If a letter to the editor curses little chil­dren for their own hunger

a. God agrees b. God dis­agrees c. God doesn’t care Thomas Heck­mann Hot Springs

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