Los­ing the House to win the fu­ture

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For­mer House Speaker Newt Gin­grich is wor­ried about the fail­ure of Repub­li­can gov­ern­ing re­al­ity to match Repub­li­can cam­paign rhetoric. Newt told Fox News, “I would say the high­est fo­cus ought to be on get­ting the tax bill through be­cause if we don’t have eco­nomic growth next year, I think we’re in real dan­ger of hav­ing Speaker Nancy Pelosi.”

Big time Texas donor Doug Dea­son has al­ready told Cu­ra­tor of the Se­nate Mitch Mc­Connell that his wal­let is a dry hole un­til Mc­Connell and Speaker Paul Ryan “pro­duce re­sults on health care and tax re­form.” And Dea­son isn’t the only donor head­ing for the cus­tomer ser­vice win­dow hop­ing some­one is there to ask for a re­fund.

Sean Lans­ing, of the Koch broth­ers’ Amer­i­cans for Pros­per­ity, told Lifezette there should be “con­se­quences” for re­peated fail­ure.

Now that “leg­isla­tive master­mind” Mc­Connell has failed to “re­peal and re­place Oba­macare” fol­lowed by fail­ure to just re­peal, it looks like Dea­son is go­ing to have a long-term in­crease in his dis­pos­able in­come.

Mem­bers of the base like you and I can’t pres­sure the likes of Mc­Connell and Ryan in­di­vid­u­ally with our wal­lets, but we can pres­sure them with our votes in ag­gre­gate.

That’s why I pro­pose con­ser­va­tive vot­ers to join to­gether and help make Newt’s fears come true: Let’s “Lose the House to Win the Fu­ture.”

The cor­po­rate Repub­li­cans run­ning the House and Se­nate view the con­ser­va­tive base, which loy­ally keeps them in of­fice, in much the same way ar­ro­gant Vic­to­rian ex­plor­ers viewed the na­tives in Africa: Dan­ger­ous sav­ages who are use­ful for tot­ing bal­lot boxes on their heads but need to be house-bro­ken be­fore al­lowed into po­lite so­ci­ety.

That’s why the bub­ble-dwelling GOP estab­lish­ment must be sent a mes­sage that will break through the im­per­vi­ous bar­rier of com­pla­cency and ar­ro­gance that sur­rounds their Capi­tol Hill of­fices. And Nancy Pelosi is just the per­son to de­liver it.

This re­quires con­ser­va­tives to change their vot­ing be­hav­ior in Novem­ber 2018. In the past con­ser­va­tives held their noses and voted for RINO Repub­li­cans be­cause the thought of the Demo­crat al­ter­na­tive in of­fice was too ter­ri­ble to con­tem­plate.

As a re­sult the base was re­warded with ac­com­mo­da­tion­ist weak­lings who pre­side over the Vichy gov­ern­ment that cur­rently rules us.

Now it’s time to em­brace the al­ter­na­tive. Con­ser­va­tives must refuse to vote for all Repub­li­can House in­cum­bents – un­less your rep­re­sen­ta­tive is a mem­ber of the House Free­dom Cau­cus. This doesn’t mean you vote for the Demo­crat.

In­stead, con­ser­va­tives will vote for a write-in can­di­date. Re­sist the temp­ta­tion to write in Mickey Mouse. Car­toon char­ac­ter votes, al­though rel­e­vant to the cur­rent GOP lead­er­ship, will only serve to have your write-in dis­missed as a friv­o­lous vote.

In­stead I sug­gest all par­tic­i­pants in my “Lose the House to Win the Fu­ture” cam­paign write in Rep. Mark Mead­ows, the chair­man of the gen­uinely con­ser­va­tive Free­dom Cau­cus.

Thou­sands of write-in votes for Mead­ows, spread across the coun­try, will be an ob­vi­ous protest vote by con­ser­va­tives that can­not be ig­nored by the Rep. Bar­ney Fife cow­er­ing in D.C.

There’s noth­ing like lis­ten­ing to Speaker Pelosi diesel on about evil Repub­li­cans to demon­strate to Mc­Connell and Ryan that se­rial con­ser­va­tive be­tray­als come with a cost.

Ide­ally the two found­ing mem­bers of the Can’t Do Cau­cus will be ru­mi­nat­ing on their fail­ures from the back­benches of the re­spec­tive houses af­ter they’ve been ousted from their piti­ful lead­er­ship cha­rades.

Mead­ows and the rest of the Free­dom Cau­cus will be the frame­work around which a new con­ser­va­tive House lead­er­ship can be built – ready to re­sume power when con­ser­va­tives vote for House Repub­li­cans in 2020.

Let me stress House votes are to be the only change for con­ser­va­tives. Votes for Se­nate GOP can­di­dates will re­main un­changed, even if your only choice is a nose-holder like me­dia par­a­site Lind­sey Gra­ham (R-MSNBC).

It sim­ply takes too long to re­gain con­trol of the Se­nate to risk los­ing it. Be­sides, just the shock of the House loss may in­spire Gra­ham and his ilk to find those con­ser­va­tive cam­paign prom­ises that have ev­i­dently slipped down be­tween the sofa cush­ions.

Sure, Demo­crat wild-eyed pis­tol-tak­ers in the House will pass gun con­fis­ca­tion bills, grant il­le­gal aliens ci­ti­zen­ship and de­mand Baptists dance at same-sex wed­dings, but it won’t mat­ter. The same Mc­Connell-scle­ro­sis that clogs the Se­nate will stop those bills, too.

My “Lose the House to Win the Fu­ture” is like the old joke about the farmer and the mule. Be­fore ev­ery turn the farmer would jump down from the wagon seat and hit the mule with a two-by-four. A passerby saw this and asked why hit the mule, since the wagon made all the turns?

The farmer replied, “Yes, that’s true, but first you have to get the mule’s at­ten­tion.”

Los­ing the House in 2018 will be the big­gest at­ten­tion-get­ter pos­si­ble.

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