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The Signal - - OPINION - Michael SHAN­NON Copy­right 2018 Michael Shan­non, dis­trib­uted by Ca­gle Car­toons news­pa­per syn­di­cate. Michael Shan­non is a com­men­ta­tor and pub­lic re­la­tions con­sul­tant, and is the au­thor of “A Con­ser­va­tive Chris­tian’s Guide­book for Liv­ing in Sec­u­lar Times.”

The cur­rent con­tro­versy in­volv­ing grant­ing amnesty to ap­prox­i­mately 800,000 De­layed Ac­count­abil­ity for Con­temp­tu­ous Aliens (DACA) is nowhere near the end of de­mands to ap­pease mass law­break­ers.

The peo­ple who naively think that af­ter the DACA surge is le­gal­ized the coun­try can get back to nor­mal are the real dream­ers., Un­chain­ing those demon­stra­tors from the fur­ni­ture in Con­gres­sional of­fices and TV stu­dios only makes room for the next shift of dis­grun­tled il­le­gals to take their place.

The DACA sur­ren­der is just the be­gin­ning.

The cul­tural Marx­ists in charge of the me­dia, academia, com­merce and gov­ern­ment are, for the most part, con­vinced blan­ket amnesty for il­le­gals is the way to go and the sooner the bet­ter. It’s those pesky and un­en­light­ened cit­i­zens who’re the prob­lem. Telling the truth, that amnesty for il­le­gals re­wards law­break­ing and cre­ates in­cen­tives for fol­low­ing waves of il­le­gals ex­pect­ing the same give­away, pro­duces a neg­a­tive re­sponse.

(The term ‘im­mi­gra­tion re­form’ is also mis­lead­ing. There is noth­ing wrong - ex­cept­ing the an­chor baby in­ter­pre­ta­tion and Ted ‘The Liar of the Se­nate’ Kennedy’s chain mi­gra­tion law - with our cur­rent im­mi­gra­tion statutes. What’s miss­ing is en­force­ment. Real ‘im­mi­gra­tion re­form’ would be vig­or­ous en­force­ment of the laws we have now.)

That’s why de­scrip­tions of the prob­lem use touchy-feely, fo­cus­group lan­guage to hide the facts.

Which brings us to another ‘re­form’ pro­posal. The Im­mi­grant Tax In­quiry Group has a Five + Five plan that is sup­posed to “En­able Unau­tho­rized Im­mi­grants to Gen­er­ate More Tax Rev­enue.”

Any ‘re­form’ that re­lies on mis­lead­ing ad­jec­tives makes me sus­pi­cious. What’s an “unau­tho­rized im­mi­grant”? Is it some­one who in­no­cently wan­dered into an area that’s off lim­its, like the em­ployee break­room at Costco? Or is it some­one who in­ten­tion­ally crossed the bor­der into a na­tion where he had no right to be?

And why would im­mi­grants need a tax in­quiry group in the first place? Le­gal im­mi­grants are cov­ered by the same tax laws as the rest of us.

The ques­tions an­swer them­selves. So, mis­lead­ing ad­jec­tives aside, how does the pro­gram work? Does Five + Five = im­mi­gra­tion paci­fi­ca­tion?

The pro­gram is a pay-as-you-go amnesty de­scribed as a tax that’s split equally be­tween em­ployee and em­ployer. The at­trac­tion for Juan is he doesn’t have to flee rou­tine traf­fic stops any­more. The at­trac­tion for his em­ployer is Juan is pay­ing half the tax.

And there, I sus­pect, is the real mo­tive for Five + Five and the rea­son ITIG doesn’t list its donors. It’s a ‘guest worker’ pro­gram that out­sources the cost to tax­pay­ers and while the ben­e­fits go to the em­ploy­ers.

ITIG was un­in­ten­tion­ally can­did, “The small tax is rea­son­able, as em­ploy­ers have tra­di­tion­ally paid unau­tho­rized work­ers 25 per­cent less than oth­ers, and these work­ers do jobs oth­ers are un­will­ing to do. The em­ployer still re­ceives a 20 per­cent wage ad­van­tage over other le­gal work­ers, in­clud­ing those whose coun­try of ori­gin is the U.S.”

For the first time in his­tory serfs pay for the priv­i­lege of bring­ing their wage scale north! Em­ploy­ers do even bet­ter. They can now legally dis­crim­i­nate against cit­i­zens in fa­vor of cheap for­eign work­ers. It’s a win­win, un­less you’re a ci­ti­zen who would be will­ing to do US jobs for US wages.

Af­ter agree­ing to pay the tax the il­le­gal is granted a REAL­card. This lets Juan be a mem­ber of Un­cle Sam’s Club. He can work in the US legally, qual­ify for Med­i­caid, take English lan­guage classes, en­joy “con­tin­u­ing ed­u­ca­tion,” ap­ply for a visa, ap­ply for a driver’s li­cense and “other ben­e­fits.” And just like a Sam’s Club card, the whole fam­ily can share his mem­ber­ship for one low price!

The REAL­card is good for ten years or un­til Democrats take con­trol of Congress and grant mass amnesty to these “sec­ond-class cit­i­zens.”

ITIG claims the pro­gram will gen­er­ate $210 bil­lion in new tax rev­enue over ten years, but I have my doubts. Let’s say Juan is mak­ing $40,000 a year and has two an­chor ba­bies. Five per­cent of the gross is $2,000, but that is much less than the $5,616 he qual­i­fies for when he can legally claim the Child Tax Credit.

And that’s just one of many ques­tions the plan gen­er­ates that un­for­tu­nately will re­main unan­swered. Af­ter ini­tially in­sist­ing I in­ter­view ITIG Founder Mark Ja­son, the in­ter­view was canceled af­ter it be­came ev­i­dent I wasn’t an open bor­ders cheer­leader.

Pos­si­bly Ja­son thinks Five + Five is an eq­ui­table so­lu­tion that is fair to ev­ery­one. I don’t. Re­ward­ing law­break­ers only en­cour­ages other law­break­ers. The fact il­le­gals haven’t been caught doesn’t give them a claim on our com­pas­sion. As far as I’m con­cerned, a sin­cerely held be­lieve that in the end is bad for the coun­try is no im­prove­ment over an out­right ma­lign be­lief that ac­tively seeks do to harm to the coun­try.

Just like a Sam’s Club card, the whole fam­ily can share his mem­ber­ship for one low price.

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