Slow down, move over for walk­ers in county roads

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I am on a walk­ing pro­gram pro­vided by my in­sur­ance com­pany to help me con­trol my di­a­betes. So far, I have been able to re­duce the amount of shots of in­sulin I am tak­ing. So far, the pro­gram is work­ing for me. The rea­son I am writ­ing this letter is to ask you if you see me walk­ing on the county road I live on would you please SLOW DOWN and MOVE OVER?

Why am I walk­ing on the county road I live on? I have to walk within 30 min­utes of eat­ing, so by the time I drive ap­prox­i­mately six miles to town to find a “safe place” (if there is any such thing any­more) to walk my thirty min­utes is up. So if you see a gray haired fluffy (not fat fluffy) look­ing lady walk­ing real slow with a pained ex­pres­sion and list­ing to the right with a cane on Young’s Sta­tion Road (real name — Day­tona In­ter­na­tional Speed­way No. 2) would you please move over or at least slow down to keep from push­ing me into the ditch?

I ap­pre­ci­ate all of you who do slow down for me, and check to see if I’m OK. That’s nice.

My hus­band, kids, grand­kids and great grand­son and my in­sur­ance com­pany will thank you as do I for your con­sid­er­a­tion.

PS - For the di­a­bet­ics out there, try at least a five minute walk af­ter ev­ery meal and up to 7,500 steps a day can work mir­a­cles in your life. “Un­cle Au­thor” may pay you a visit, but you can’t die from arthri­tis, but you can from di­a­betes. Jan­ice Wil­liams, Polk County Res­i­dent Edi­tor’s note: We feel it safe to say here at the Stan­dard Jour­nal that not only should you slow down for Mrs. Wil­liams on Young’s Sta­tion Road, but that ev­ery­one should tap the brakes a bit when they see a pedes­trian. Through long ex­pe­ri­ence, we find that Mur­phy’s Law of the road­way will hold true that any­time a pedes­trian is walk­ing your way, usu­ally an­other car will be com­ing from the op­po­site di­rec­tion. Avoid po­ten­tial ac­ci­dents and in­juries by tak­ing a deep breath, slow­ing down, and re­mem­ber­ing that un­less it is an emer­gency, what­ever has you in a hurry will still be there when you ar­rive. Most of the time.

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