A call for bi­par­ti­san­ship is re­jected in fa­vor of spite

The Star Democrat - - OPINION - By CRAIG WILLIS

One thing I can say about Steve Bai­ley’s di­a­tribe in re­sponse to my guest com­ment of July 11 is that I now stand cor­rected on every is­sue. His in­sight into my nar­row view of the world and his en­light­en­ing pointby-point re­flec­tions re­lated to my grand­mother were re­fresh­ing.

Sadly, Mr. Bai­ley, like so many Democrats, re­ally only wants to pick a fight. There are two sides to every story or is­sue, es­pe­cially in to­day’s com­pli­cated world. My main premise was to say that there are stark dif­fer­ences be­tween the ways im­mi­grants gained en­try into our coun­try 75 to 150 years ago as op­posed to now. My grand­mother did have to be spon­sored by a U.S. ci­ti­zen and she did have to have a job wait­ing, much like Ire­land to­day. It was never the in­ten­tion of the state to foot the bill for so many im­mi­grants, or in the case that Mr. Bai­ley ref­er­ences, refugees.

This coun­try is be­ing stran­gled fi­nan­cially by its own blind gen­eros­ity and/ or lib­eral ide­ol­ogy. We can’t feed or house or pro­vide health care for the peo­ple that are al­ready here. Why should we con­tinue to add to the prob­lem be­fore we come to­gether as a na­tion and pro­pose some com­mon sense so­lu­tions?

I men­tioned that we have some hard ques­tions to speak to re­lated to many prob­lems con­fronting our na­tion’s im­mi­gra­tion sys­tem. I also men­tioned that I sup­port a na­tion who wel­comes all with open arms. Mr. Bai­ley only found op­po­si­tion to my com­ments, no com­mon ground.

One point of con­cern, which many are afraid to con­front, and I heard Ben Car­son speak of this long be­fore I heard Pres­i­dent Trump ref­er­ence it, is that we as a na­tion were built on Judeo-Chris­tian val­ues. We guar­an­tee sep­a­ra­tion of church and state, and free­dom of re­li­gion. We have wel­comed all faiths, for over two cen­turies, Islam in­cluded. How­ever, it was never the Jews, Hin­dus or Bud­dhists who in­ter­preted their re­li­gions in such a man­ner to call for ji­had against our pres­i­dent, and our way of life. That’s not the case for rad­i­cal­ized Islam and we need to come to­gether and ad­dress this be­fore we can re­gain the ap­pro­pri­ate level of se­cu­rity we once en­joyed, when my grand­mother im­mi­grated in 1930.

My main con­cern is our rush and fer­vor to pro­mote any and all im­mi­gra­tion, es­pe­cially where a peo­ple’s ide­o­log­i­cal or re­li­gious teach­ings pro­mote ha­tred of the United States and puts our cit­i­zenry at risk. Peo­ple like Linda Sar­sour want to take all of the good from our so­ci­ety and in­flict as much pain as pos­si­ble. When will these calls for Is­lamic ji­had be con­demned by the left? Mr. Bai­ley my let­ter was a call for bi­par­ti­san par­tic­i­pa­tion, co­op­er­a­tion and com­pro­mise. You saw it as an op­por­tu­nity to bag a Repub­li­can. Funny how your party op­er­ates.

Craig Willis writes from St. Michaels.

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