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1) In the orig­i­nal 1983-85 NBC ver­sion of “V,” the alien Wil­lie was played by an ac­tor who was more fa­mous as the sin­is­ter Freddy Krueger in the “A Night­mare on Elm Street” se­ries of hor­ror movies. Name him.

2) What was the alien (played by Ray Wal­ston) af­fec­tion­ately called by the re­porter (Bill Bixby) who dis­cov­ered him on the 1963-66 CBS sit­com “My Fa­vorite Mar­tian”?

3) What was the name of the 1967-68 ABC se­ries that starred Roy Thinnes as an ar­chi­tect try­ing to warn of aliens among us?

4) Robert Hays starred in a 1986-87 ABC spinoff of which Jeff Bridges movie?

5) On the 1986-90 NBC com­edy se­ries “ALF,” what did the let­ters in the ti­tle char­ac­ter’s name stand for? 6) What was the main name used as an iden­ti­fier for the ex­trater­res­tri­als in the 1989-90 Fox se­ries ver­sion of “Alien Na­tion”?

7) Who played the alien ab­ductee who in­her­ited pow­ers from his cap­tors — which made him widely pur­sued — in the 1997-98 Fox show “The Vis­i­tor”?

8) Name John Lith­gow’s alien char­ac­ter in the 1996-2001 NBC sit­com “3rd Rock From the Sun.”

9) What for­mer “Grey’s Anatomy” star also played alien Is­abel on “Roswell,” which aired on both The WB Net­work (1999-2001) and UPN (2001-02).

10) Who played the leader of the alien re­search team on the 2005 CBS se­ries “Thresh­old”?

Wil­lie the alien in “V”

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