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How was it say­ing good­bye to Doug Stam­per af­ter six sea­sons?

There were so many dif­fer­ent things. It was heart­break­ing. It was hard and a lot of it I think had to do with the fam­ily that we cre­ated, the crew, ev­ery­body. We be­came re­ally close over six years and to just say good­bye is not an easy thing (laughs). You get so close on a film set.

And since a lot of your scenes were with Kevin Spacey, that had to be a dras­tic change as well.

Sure. That as well as end­ing it over­all, both of those things. I mean, the main per­son, other than Rachel Bros­na­han, I had ev­ery­thing with him for five years, and for it to just go away in the way in which it went away so quickly, so un­ex­pect­edly – we knew this would be the last sea­son any­way – but what I didn’t know is that it would go the way it went. But it’s al­most like death. You go through those stages of grief (laughs), sort of. I mean, I’m not com­par­ing it to death. I’m just say­ing you go through all those stages the same way.

Do you ap­proach things dif­fer­ently when you have a known end­point?

No. I’ve al­ways tried to ap­proach this show, this char­ac­ter ... one script at a time from the very be­gin­ning. So for me, I just stuck to my game plan ba­si­cally (laughs). I went with what I knew. And it helped me get through it, but what I couldn’t pre­pare my­self for was to con­stantly be ex­pect­ing that loss. Like you know it’s com­ing, and to not get be­yond think­ing about that. It was very hard for me to let that go.

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