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Accentuating the Fun­da­men­tals While De­valu­ing the Noise


big­gest mis­con­cep­tion about money, as Roland Ma­narin points out, re­lates to one word: safety. Ma­narin, founder and pres­i­dent of Ma­narin In­vest­ment Coun­sel Ltd., helps clients pro­tect their money. “For in­stance, most of my in­dus­try peers place about 50 per­cent of their client’s money into bonds – which are in­stru­ments that con­fis­cate some­one’s buy­ing power,” he notes.

His Omaha, Ne­braska-based firm guards clients from the con­se­quences of in­ap­pro­pri­ate coun­sel by help­ing them be­come own­ers of their own money. Free­ing clients from coun­ter­pro­duc­tive in­vest­ment ap­proaches be­comes all about money own­er­ship – and fi­nan­cial em­pow­er­ment. Ma­narin ex­plains, “You can spend, lend or own your money. If you spend it, I can’t help you. If you lend it, you won’t build wealth; it’s a guar­an­teed loss of pur­chas­ing power. If you own it, you’ll build or main­tain your wealth.”

Of­fer­ing as­set man­age­ment and in­vest­ment ad­vice for small business re­tire­ment plans, fam­i­lies and in­di­vid­u­als, Ma­narin In­vest­ment uses a common sense ap­proach to risk-man­aged in­vest­ing. For 35 years, the phi­los­o­phy of own­er­ship has formed the core of the firm’s port­fo­lio in­vest­ment the­ory. Sim­ply put, money own­er­ship re­sults in higher re­turns. Within that the­ory is one inar­guable guar­an­tee of the firm’s suc­cess: Ma­narin him­self is its own best cus­tomer.

Dis­en­chant­ment ini­tially mo­ti­vated him to es­tab­lish the firm. “I be­came a stock­bro­ker in 1977, and I found it to be sales-ori­ented, not client-ori­ented,” he re­calls. “I re­al­ized I’d rather help peo­ple.” Start­ing out by con­duct­ing in­vest­ment sem­i­nars, he was just teach­ing – with­out sell­ing. In 1979, Ma­narin cre­ated his in­de­pen­dent ad­vi­sory firm and built it up by hir­ing only the best money man­agers. Now Ma­narin In­vest­ment Coun­sel of­fers mul­ti­ple in­vest­ment mod­els de­signed to grow in­come and lever­age. Many of his clients are re­tirees or those about to re­tire. For them, he ad­vises elim­i­nat­ing the neg­a­tive: the news – or “noise” – that can fill the head with de­bil­i­tat­ing doubts and fears. And as the best for­ward-think­ing in­vest­ment ad­vi­sors will tell you, the news that you read in the pa­pers and hear on TV is al­ready a day old by the time its printed or aired.

“We don’t base de­ci­sions on the noise du jour,” Ma­narin ex­plained “We un­der­stand the con­se­quences of fis­cal pol­icy, so we see what the fu­ture brings and po­si­tion port­fo­lios to best ben­e­fit from eco­nomic di­rec­tion. If you follow the crowd, the best you can hope for is medi­ocrity.”

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