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Mer­chant Ser­vices and Data Breach Pro­tec­tion

Tar­get is still not able to cal­cu­late the cost of the mon­u­men­tal credit card breach that com­pro­mised the data of tens of mil­lions of cus­tomers last year. Even though var­i­ous re­ports put the loss at around $1 bil­lion, a trip to the mall in Any­where, USA finds that the big red bulls-eye still hangs high, ap­pear­ing largely un­af­fected. Con­versely, any small business ex­pe­ri­enc­ing only a tiny frac­tion of such a mas­sive over­sight would not find it­self to be quite so lucky, pos­si­bly be­ing forced out of business com­pletely. So, while stay­ing that cru­cial step ahead of crim­i­nal hack­ers can never be com­pletely as­sured, Trans­Act Mer­chant So­lu­tions pro­vides at least a lit­tle peace of mind, es­pe­cially for the smaller, more vul­ner­a­ble busi­nesses with fewer tech­nol­ogy op­tions.

“We are about to pro­vide a cy­ber- se­cu­rity in­surance pack­age where any small business in Amer­ica can par­tic

ipate and re­ceive pro­tec­tion for their busi­nesses pro­cess­ing and EMR records of at least $1 mil­lion dol­lars on the low end and $25 mil­lion on the high end,” says CEO Joseph Cherry. No other company in Amer­ica can, or does, pro­vide a sim­i­lar so­lu­tion for its clients.

Trans­Act makes sure clients are PCI (Pay­ment Card In­dus­try) com­pli­ant – and that they fully un­der­stand what that means. Trans­Act also en­ters business ar­range­ments by be­ing a re­source of knowl­edge for the client, even about their own in­dus­try. “We do study their in­dus­try, so that when we walk through the door we’re not just of­fer­ing a so­lu­tion for mer­chant ser­vices. We’re of­fer­ing a so­lu­tion that their in­dus­try has said is im­por­tant to them for mer­chant ser­vices. So it’s a whole dif­fer­ent con­ver­sa­tion,” Cherry ex­plained.

As a regis­tered ISO/MSP (In­de­pen­dent Sales Or­ga­ni­za­tion / Mem­ber Ser­vice Provider) of Chase Pay­mentech So­lu­tions, Trans­Act pro­vides a com­plete plat­form of ser­vices for mer­chants, in­clud­ing credit and debit card pro­grams, elec­tronic checks, gift cards and au­to­matic re­cur­ring pay­ments. Ad­di­tion­ally, us­ing PCI-cer­ti­fied equip­ment and in­no­va­tive pro­cess­ing so­lu­tions, along with valu­able cus­tomer re­ten­tion tools like loy­alty cards and free on­line re­port­ing, can help en­sure business growth. “One-stop so­lu­tions that im­prove mer­chants op­er­at­ing ef­fi­cien­cies and save money,” ac­cord­ing to Trans


The re­gional, dis­trict and na­tional net­work of as­so­ci­a­tions with which Trans­Act is af­fil­i­ated in­creases buy­ing power for clients, spread­ing the sav­ings even fur­ther. “It al­lows us to pro­vide busi­nesses the abil­ity to get re­duced pric­ing in a lot of dif­fer­ent ar­eas,” Cherry noted.

Nonethe­less, some de­gree of risk al­ways ac­com­pa­nies each in­ter­change be­tween the mer­chant and the MSP. Trans­Act coun­ter­acts most of th­ese neg­a­tive pos­si­bil­i­ties by fo­cus­ing clients on vi­sion. “I think for any business to be suc­cess­ful, you re­ally have to first un­der­stand the vi­sion of your company – and as long as you stay true to that, you can min­i­mize the risks,” Cherry em­pha­sized.

Avert­ing high risk trans­ac­tions then be­comes one of the vi­tal func­tions of Trans­Act’s re­in­force­ment of small business ef­forts – and dur­ing that process, the company gen­er­ally lets the clients do the talk­ing.

“We train our peo­ple to lis­ten,” says Cherry.

In the end, that leaves clients open to a full un­der­stand­ing of all the ser­vices at their dis­posal for im­prov­ing and safe­guard­ing their own busi­nesses.


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