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Imag­ine a mouse with bulky mus­cles and a bulging physique able to leap a sin­gle bound over a labyrinth’s maze. Wel­come the new breed of Mighty Mouse with more than twice the nor­mal amount of mus­cle mass. Thanks to Dr. Se-Jin Lee of John Hop­kins Univer­sity, it’s con­sid­ered one of the most im­por­tant dis­cov­er­ies in mod­ern medicine.

The mice, de­scribed to­day in the jour­nal Na­ture, owe their bulging physiques to the lack of a gene that would nor­mally limit mus­cle growth. The func­tion of the gene was pre­vi­ously un­known, and its dis­cov­ery, by a team led by Dr. Se-Jin Lee of Johns Hop­kins Univer­sity, is con­sid­ered an im­por­tant ad­vance.

A new breed of mice with more than dou­ble the nor­mal amount of mus­cle may lead to meatier chick­ens and cows and, even­tu­ally, new treat­ments for peo­ple with mus­cle dis­eases, re­searchers are re­port­ing.

‘’It has opened up com­pletely new ideas about the con­trol and reg­u­la­tion of mus­cle growth,’’ said Dr. Brigid Ho­gan, a pro­fes­sor of cell bi­ol­ogy at Van­der­bilt Univer­sity.

Another re­searcher who was not in­volved in the study, Dr. Lee Niswan­der of the Memo­rial Sloan-Ket­ter­ing Can­cer Cen­ter in Man­hat­tan, said: ‘’Un­til now, we didn’t have a clue about what told mus­cle cells to stop di­vid­ing. This gives us a han­dle on un­der­stand­ing it. It’s pow­er­ful.’’

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From a business per­spec­tive, the world is equally won­drous and full of ex­tra­or­di­nary po­ten­tial. New mar­kets, new sourc­ing op­por­tu­ni­ties, new fi­nan­cial re­sources, new med­i­cal break­throughs - they’re all out there, and ready to be tapped.

In this is­sue you will also dis­cover how Wall Street to­bacco deals left states with bil­lions in toxic debt on page 8. On page 16 we bring to you the Profit that airs star­ring Mar­cus Le­mo­nis, his third sea­son start­ing Oc­to­ber 14 at 10pm. Ten new episodes are slated to air, in­clud­ing an en­tire episode de­voted to follow-up seg­ments on many of the busi­nesses fea­tured in the first two sea­sons.

And take a close look at the New York Stock Ex­change Preser­va­tion­ist Ap­proach. On page 18 we ex­am­ine his­tory in the mak­ing-the NYSE-the Big Board and the world’s largest mar­ket.

Tak­ing risks is part of what suc­cess­ful en­trepreneurs have to do oc­ca­sion­ally.


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