Top 5 sto­ries on Taos­, Oc­to­ber 18-24 Taos Air read­ies to take flight for sea­sonal ser­vice Com­ments on Twit­ taos­news


1. Jail­ers to face grand jury

2. Law en­force­ment sus­pect se­rial bur­glar, but who?

3. Ed­i­to­rial: Our picks for Nov.


4. Ho­tel Don Fer­nando holds grand open­ing

5. Taos Air read­ies to take flight for sea­sonal ser­vice Jail­ers to face grand jury on drug chargesNo such thing as bad cops. right!?


Cham­ber of Com­merce needs to sup­port and en­hance this ef­fort 100%!

– GREG ROBERT PEASE It’s a great start, but I hope they will add other car­ri­ers also, like Amer­i­can Air­lines.

– ANDY CHRIS­TENSEN Look­ing for­ward to be­com­ing a fre­quent flyer!

– MIKE BREIER I hope it snows!

– MON­ICA SALAZAR What are the ben­e­fits to Taos ex­actly? – AD­DIE LUCERO Great. More noise over­head when try­ing to es­cape it.

– CHERRY BLACKWOLF Good­bye Taos for­ever. Play­ground now of the Rich. Taoseños can’t af­ford to live here any­more.

– JUDI CANTU This is huge for Taos. I think what most Taoseños fail to re­al­ize is that tourism is what lit­er­ally drives our econ­omy. We would tank with­out tourism. Whether we like it or not, Taos needs to grow at some point or an­other, the hard­est part of do­ing that is also main­tain­ing the in­tegrity and authen­tic­ity of the town. We need to be open to change.

– ADAM ME­D­INA Blue bus has a lot rid­ing on the bal­lot

Need the bus go­ing through Blue­berry Hill. – CYNDI TRUJILLO Ho­tel Don Fer­nando opens its door

Con­grat­u­la­tions, I can’t wait to visit!

– ANNE BEN­NETT Had the best Thanks­giv­ing buf­fet ever there.

– LISA BOYD Taos In­ter­na­tional Char­ter School re­mains open af­ter state bat­tle

Thank You to All Our Par­ents, Fam­i­lies, Stu­dents and those in our Taos Com­mu­nity who sup­ported us dur­ing our ap­peal process... we re­ally ap­pre­ci­ate it..

– CARLA ROMERO As fam­i­lies head north, county dis­avows fam­ily sepa­ra­tion

Th­ese peo­ple car­a­van­ing across Mex­ico are an in­va­sion force, noth­ing more.

– EU­GENE D. MITCHELL This in­for­ma­tion is pretty old XD. This has been changed al­ready af­ter it made a point. N btw Obama had that bill set with­out en­forc­ing it... that be­ing said, I still sup­port and fa­vor lim­ited cit­i­zen­ship like Canada has. Open­ing up a flood gate will do noth­ing good but flood ev­ery­one... get what I mean? #think­fory­our­self – BON COOK Col­or­ful bal­loons to fill the skies over Taos

They al­ways go right over my ca­sita! – JULIE KELLY


– C.J. SANCHEZ Aww, beau­ti­ful Taos, even more awe­some up in a bal­loon – HE­LEN RIVERA-BARELA My fa­vorite time in Taos


Au­tumn’s for col­lege es­says, ad­mis­sion and fi­nan­cial aid

Avoid stu­dent loans. They are not as good or help­ful in the end. Mafia tac­tics will be used if you be­come un­em­ployed.

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