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Today’s web bonus » Get our free app for tablets and smartphone­s. timesheral­ EVEN MORE ON FACEBOOK Find breaking news, features, sports, commentary and other informatio­n from the The Times Herald on Facebook. VISIT FACEBOOK.COM/ TIMESHERAL­DPA SOME SUN » PAGE A8 High: Low: 79 59 » timesheral­ Friday, September 25, 2020 $1.50 FACEBOOK.COM/TIMESHERAL­DPA TWITTER.COM/TIMESHERAL­DPA CRIME EAST NORRITON Authoritie­s crush gun traffickin­g network Supervisor­s encourage everyone to get flu shots Officials also pass ordinance decriminal­izing possession of small amounts of marijuana By Gary Puleo gpuleo@21st-centurymed­ @MustangMan­48 on Twitter The upcoming flu season and a plea for social media kindliness were among the topics at the Sept. 22 virtual Board of Supervisor­s meeting. After sharing that she recently went to her doctor to get a flu shot, Vice Chairwoman Amanda Cappellett­i, said she was strongly encouragin­g everyone to get their flu shots as well. “It’s incredibly important. It’s critical that you get your flu shot this year, of all years, with the pandemic happening,” Cappellett­i said. “It decreases the likelihood of the flu and they’ll be able to get you the care that you need much quicker if, God forbid, you do end up contractin­g the coronaviru­s. Please go get your flu shot … Walgreens, CVS, Small Town Pharmacy, East Norriton Pharmacy, your doctor’s office, all of those places offer the flu shot … Weis Market, wherever you have a pharmacy, please go get one. I encourage you to do so.” Supervisor Joseph Gavanus seconded Cappellett­i’s remarks. “I’ve been following very closely about the county positivity rate and the good news is it’s going down,” Gavanus said. “We were down (2.79), from a 3.3 or 3.4. The coronaviru­s is still winding around. It’s not taking a holiday, so everybody keep up what you’re doing. Keep up the social distancing, keep wearing masks, keep washing your hands and try to stay safe.” Supervisor Dennis DeSanto noted that sometimes people on social media are “called out” for being renters, and “for living in a less affluent part of the township than others. I would just like to remind residents that all residents EAST NORRITON » “It’s incredibly important. It’s critical that you get your flu shot this year, of all years, with the pandemic happening.” CARL HESSLER JR. — MEDIANEWS GROUP Montgomery County District Attorney Kevin R. Steele announces the dismantlin­g of a gun traffickin­g organizati­on that operated in Montgomery, Bucks and Philadelph­ia counties. Pennsylvan­ia Attorney General Josh Shapiro and Norristown Police Chief Mark Talbot look on. Officials say nine adults, five juveniles illegally bought and sold more than 44 firearms — Vice Chairwoman Amanda Cappellett­i money by putting firearms in the hands of people who cannot lawfully buy and possess guns. Illegal firearms on our streets are a significan­t threat to public safety and should concern every lawabiding citizen,” Montgomery County District Attorney Kevin R. Steele said during a news conference outside the county courthouse on Thursday. With the charges, authoritie­s alleged Anthony Jamaris McCrary, 23, Demetrius Hug- By Carl Hessler Jr. chessler@21st-centurymed­ @montcocour­tnews on Twitter Authoritie­s dismantled a gun traffickin­g network operating in Montgomery, Bucks and Philadelph­ia counties, alleging nine adults and five juveniles, including some from Norristown and Cheltenham, illegally obtained and sold 44 firearms using a straw purchase scheme. “This type of organizati­on’s sole purpose is to make NORRISTOWN » Montgomery County officials announce arrests of alleged participan­ts in gun traffickin­g organizati­on. SHOTS » PAGE 3 GUNS » PAGE 2 Also, most voters will be passing on mail-in ballots points. The poll finds 48 percent of likely voters favor Biden while 42 percent support the Republican president. Center for Politics and Public Affairs at Franklin & Marshall Director G. Terry Madonna said in a statement accompanyi­ng the poll results that the race has clearly tightened in Pennsylvan­ia — a key battlegrou­nd state in the presidenti­al election. But the gap between the two candidates grows slightly when the survey polls registered voters. That survey shows Biden draws support from 49 percent while 40 percent back Trump. The poll reflects interviews with 625 registered voters: 296 Democrats, 250 Republican­s and 79 independen­ts. Biden held a sizable advantage in surveys of Pennsylvan­ia voters throughout the summer but it appears the race is tightening in recent days. An average of Pennsylvan­ia polls compiled by the number crunchers at Real Clear Politics shows Biden with a lead of 3.8 percentage points. Biden, the former vice president who often touts his deep family roots to the Keystone State, has joked that he earned By Karen Shuey kshuey@readingeag­ @KarenShuey­RE on Twitter The presidenti­al race has tightened slightly in Pennsylvan­ia, according to a new Franklin & Marshall College poll. In the latest survey released today, Democratic nominee Joe Biden leads President Donald Trump by 6 percentage LEFT: ERIN SCOTT/THE NEW YORK TIMES; RIGHT: MICHELLE V. AGINS/THE NEW YORK TIMES Left: President Donald Trump speaks to reporters during a press briefing at the White House on Sept. 16. Right: Joe Biden, the Democratic presidenti­al nominee, speaks at a news conference in Wilmington, Del., on Sept. 2. POLL » PAGE 3 OBITUARIES H. Dale Armstrong, Mary (Romano) Gualtieri “Black Widow,” set to release Nov. 6, is now planned for May 7, and “West Side Story” is delayed for a year. Local education officials know their facilities and their communitie­s well enough to make sensible choices. 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