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Sept. 19 Can­non­ball Cafe

311 E. Pick­ens Road, Pea Ridge Crit­i­cal vi­o­la­tions: Ev­i­dence of smok­ing in breeze­way be­tween bar­be­cue pit and brick and mor­tar. Food con­tact sur­faces must be cleaned and san­i­tized.

Non­crit­i­cal vi­o­la­tions: None

Diego’s Mex­i­can Grill

150 S. Cur­tis Ave., Suites B& C, Pea Ridge

Crit­i­cal vi­o­la­tions: Dish ma­chine had 0 ppm chlo­rine level. Items in freezer across from grill were cold held above 41 de­grees. No hand tow­els avail­able at hand­wash­ing sink in bar and dish area. No hand soap at dish ma­chine area.

Non­crit­i­cal vi­o­la­tions: None


201 N. Cur­tis Ave., Pea Ridge Crit­i­cal vi­o­la­tions: Two boxes of cups stored on the floor, bot­tom of boxes wet; clean equip­ment and uten­sils, laun­dered linens and sin­gle­ser­vice items shall be stored in a clean, dry lo­ca­tion where they are not ex­posed to splash, dust or other con­tam­i­na­tion and at least 6 inches above the floor.

Non­crit­i­cal vi­o­la­tions: None

Sept. 26 Garfield School

18432 Mar­shall St., Garfield No vi­o­la­tions.

Pea Ridge In­ter­me­di­ate School

1536 N. Davis St., Pea Ridge Fol­low-up in­spec­tion. No vi­o­la­tions.

Takashimura Hi­bachi Ex­press

560 N. Cur­tis Ave., Pea Ridge Fol­low-up in­spec­tion. No vi­o­la­tions.

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