Bet­ter Hear­ing and Bal­ance tran­si­tions to new space in Bella Vista

The Times (Northeast Benton County) - - COMMUNITY - SPE­CIAL TO NWA DEMO­CRAT-GAZETTE Dr. Gretchen Magee, AuD, and Dr. Shawn Key, AuD, have

tran­si­tioned to a new lo­ca­tion within Bella Vista over the past month. In ef­forts to pro­vide pa­tients an ex­panded treat­ment en­vi­ron­ment, you can now find them at 5 Cun­ning­ham Corner in Bella Vista. The lo­ca­tion change al­lows them to con­tinue to pro­vide qual­ity au­di­ol­ogy care in North­west Arkansas in­clud­ing cur­rent di­ag­nos­tic meth­ods for your­self and your hear­ing in­stru­ments as well as pro­vide op­tions for the high­est lev­els of tech­nol­ogy with de­vices avail­able and se­lec­tion. Start­ing Oct. 1, they have be­gun work­ing to­wards this lo­ca­tion tran­si­tion­ing hours to of­fer pa­tient ac­cess from 8:30 a.m. to 5 p.m., Mon­day through Fri­day.

Bet­ter Hear­ing and Bal­ance con­tin­ues to have an­other lo­ca­tion also at 906 NW 8th Street in Ben­tonville. Our pro­fes­sion­als re­al­ize the need to pro­vide flex­i­bil­ity in treat­ment for our pa­tients and want to give in­di­vid­u­als op­tions that fit their life­style bal­ance. Each au­di­ol­ogy lo­ca­tion is en­abled with the sim­i­lar tech­nolo­gies to best meet your needs and even tran­si­tion as needed be­tween those fa­cil­i­ties. Dr. Key will be the pri­mary provider in Ben­tonville and will see pa­tients on Mon­day through Wed­nes­days with the of­fice open from 8:30 a.m. to 5 p.m. Pa­tients are also able to visit the of­fice for sup­plies or re­pair ser­vices dur­ing th­ese times.

In our au­di­ol­ogy prac­tice, ded­i­cated pro­fes­sions un­der­stand that pur­chas­ing hear­ing aids is more than 50 per­cent about things other than the hear­ing aids them­selves. Your ex­pec­ta­tions about hear­ing aids, the sup­port you have from friends and fam­ily, your au­di­ol­o­gist’s skills (in­clud­ing their abil­ity to ex­plain things to you and un­der­stand your needs), and your ear-brain sys­tem, all play ma­jor roles in your per­ceived suc­cess with hear­ing aids. Drs. Magee and Key hope you take this into con­sid­er­a­tion when choos­ing a prac­tice.

Con­sider your ex­pec­ta­tions/goals: What do you ex­pect hear­ing aids to do for you? – im­prove your abil­ity to hear on your cell phone? – talk to your co­work­ers? – un­der­stand di­a­logue at the the­ater? – hear the pas­sen­ger in the car while you drive? Bet­ter Hear­ing and Bal­ance Con­nec­tion’s goals are to talk to you about hear­ing goals and fre­quented life­style en­vi­ron­ments so they can se­lect the right hear­ing aids for you and ex­plain if your goals are rea­son­able for the en­vi­ron­ments you are in and the na­ture of your hear­ing loss.

Like any other doc­tor, you should trust the pro­fes­sional and per­sonal skills of your au­di­ol­o­gist and prac­tice staff. Hear­ing aids are a process, not a one-stop shop­ping ex­pe­ri­ence. At Bet­ter Hear­ing and Bal­ance Con­nec­tion, they un­der­stand that hear­ing health­care has changed with the world of in­sur­ance pro­grams, on­line re­tail­ers, and dis­count op­tions. Bet­ter Hear­ing and Bal­ance Con­nec­tion’s pro­fes­sion­als can com­pare pric­ing op­tions avail­able to not only look at your in­di­vid­ual ben­e­fits but also con­nect to ap­pro­pri­ate con­tracted op­tions avail­able as well to give you the best value for your in­vest­ment.

Ques­tions we think are im­por­tant about hear­ing aids:

• Can the hear­ing aids I pur­chase be pro­grammed by an au­di­ol­o­gist in an­other state? For ex­am­ple, if you move, de­cide to change au­di­ol­o­gists, or if they go out of busi­ness.

• How easy is it to make ap­point­ments for ur­gent prob­lems? “My hear­ing aid just stopped work­ing, I don’t know why, and I am go­ing on va­ca­tion in 2 days!”

• What is and is not in­cluded in the cost of hear­ing aids?

Val­ues to con­sider:

• Term of ser­vice war­ranty through the man­u­fac­turer

• Term of the loss and dam­age pol­icy

• Num­ber of vis­its or length of term of cov­ered ser­vices with the au­di­ol­o­gist

• Cost of ap­point­ments with au­di­ol­o­gist once ser­vice term has ex­pired

• Cost of re­pair through man­u­fac­turer once ser­vice war­ranty is ex­pired. For ex­am­ple, $200 to $350 de­pend­ing on age of hear­ing aid and length of war­ranty ap­plied post re­pair.

Chances are, at some point your hear­ing aid will get clogged with wax, have a short in the cir­cuit, have mois­ture dam­age in the speaker, or some­thing. The cost of ser­vices af­ter you pur­chase is im­por­tant. Tell your au­di­ol­o­gist if you are rough with your things, sweat a lot, or have a lot of ear wax build-up, so they can choose the best de­vice for you.

A good au­di­ol­o­gist wants your in­vest­ment to last you and serve your needs as best as pos­si­ble. Drs. Magee and Key are both look­ing for a con­sis­tent hear­ing so­lu­tion that will last you a num­ber of years ver­sus a right now so­lu­tion. Their goal is to pro­vide pa­tients with pow­er­ful re­sources to not only start a hear­ing jour­ney, but main­tain it over a pe­riod of time.

If you or some­one you know is strug­gling with a hear­ing loss, con­sider a free con­sul­ta­tion at Bet­ter Hear­ing and Bal­ance Con­nec­tion. Call us at 479-657-6464 with ques­tions you may have or sched­ule an ap­point­ment at ei­ther of our lo­ca­tions. You may also visit us on the web at­ter­hearingand­bal­

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