Mak­ing de­ci­sions is a dif­fi­cult chore

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To­day’s topic is about choos­ing. C.S. Lewis wrote a tale of two de­mons ti­tled, “The Screw­tape Let­ters.”

The story takes the form of a se­ries of let­ters from a se­nior De­mon Screw­tape to his nephew Worm­wood, a Ju­nior Tempter on how to keep Chris­tians off bal­ance. Screw­tape says, “If we re­ally want to throw hu­mans into a tail­spin when it comes to mak­ing de­ci­sions, keep them ei­ther look­ing back­wards through nos­tal­gia, or keep them in a state of anx­i­ety look­ing for­ward.”

Mak­ing de­ci­sions can re­ally twist us up in knots.

When we come to a fork in the road or a cross roads, some­times we feel like all these de­ci­sions are equally okay. Here are three pas­tures — pas­ture A, pas­ture B, pas­ture C. They’re all fine. They’re all good. You choose. You de­cide be­cause, if the truth be told, some­times we don’t re­ally want guid­ance, we just want to be spared the anx­i­ety of choos­ing. We don’t know whether we should choose pas­ture A, pas­ture B, pas­ture C. We can feel like we’re in the mid­dle of a night­mare game show. What if I make the wrong choice? How do I know what to do to make the right choice?

I’m not sure if you feel hag-rid­den to­day about any ma­jor life de­ci­sions. Some of you may feel to­tally twisted in a knot about what to do. For oth­ers, the big­gest de­ci­sion was what to have for break­fast. For most of us, we fall some­where in be­tween, whether it’s about school­ing or job choice or ca­reer path, en­gage­ments, mar­riage, re­mar­riage, should we have or should we adopt chil­dren? Should we re­lo­cate?

Je­sus one time said to his dis­ci­ples, “If any­one is will­ing to do my will, if any­one is de­sirous of pleas­ing God, he’ll know of the next step. He’ll know of my teach­ing.” John 7:17. When we make de­ci­sions, we be­lieve in God’s Word, lis­ten to godly coun­sel, and then ask for faith. We go through this process so we can make the wis­est de­ci­sions we can.


Edi­tor’s note: The Rev. Dr. Scott Ste­wart is the pas­tor of Pea Ridge United Methodist Church and Bright­wa­ter Methodist Church. He can be con­tacted at revjstew­ or 479-6599519.

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