McLaughlin seals vic­tory

Scores game-win­ner in OT as Hones­dale tops North Po­cono.

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Tara McLaughlin scored the game-win­ning goal in over­time to give Hones­dale a 3-2 vic­tory over North Po­cono in a Lack­awanna League Di­vi­sion I girls soc­cer match Thurs­day.

Shan­non O’Day and Sophia Goyette also scored for the Lady Hor­nets.

Lacey Ri­naldi scored both goals for North Po­cono. Hones­dale (6-3) 111—3 North Po­cono (4-6) 020—2 FIRST HALF: Shan­non O’Day (HON) from Macken­zie Meagher, 34:24. SEC­OND HALF: Lacey Ri­naldi (NP) from Emily Leg­giero, 57:22; Ri­naldi (NP) from Ma­son McGur­rin, 66:40; Sophia Goyette (HON) from Natalee West, 79:01. OVER­TIME: Tara McLaughlin (HON) unas­sisted, 87:51. Shots-cor­ners: HON 8-1, HON 12-8. Saves: Sadie Wood (HON) 9; Am­ber Gof­fredo (NP) 5.

Abing­ton Heights 1, Val­ley View 0

At Val­ley View, Kelly See­chock scored early in the first half to give Abing­ton Heights a Di­vi­sion II win.

Olivia Muchal had 15 saves for Val­ley View. Abing­ton Heights (11-0) 1 0 — 1 Val­ley View (4-5-1) 00—0 FIRST HALF: Kelly See­chock from Han­nah Kowal­ski, 3:31. Shots-cor­ners: AH 20-5, VV 8-2. Saves: Abbey Steen­back (AH) 5; Olivia Muchal (VV) 15.

Delaware Val­ley 4 Scran­ton Prep 1 At Loy­ola Field, Reilly Henry had a hat trick to lead Delaware Val­ley.

An­gelina Fal­cone scored for Scran­ton Prep. Delaware Val­ley (5-5-1) 22—4 Scran­ton Prep (6-5) 10—1 FIRST HALF: Reilly Henry (DV) from Miriam Den­hal­ter, 4:00; An­gelina Fal­cone (SP) unas­sisted, 9:00; Faith Fuce­tola (DV) from Alexis Sick­ler, 18:00. SEC­OND HALF: Henry (DV) from Brit­tany Brock­man, 46:00; Henry (DV) from Fuce­tola, 73:00. Shots-cor­ners: DV 9-2, SP 13-0. Saves: Cor­rine Ran­dazzo (DV) 9; AJ Hen­der­shot (SP) 4.

Moun­tain View 3, Mid Val­ley 0 At Moun­tain View, Erika Freely scored two goals to lead the Lady Ea­gles in a Di­vi­sion III-IV cross­over.

Sam Jones had a goal and an as­sist for the win­ners. Mid Val­ley (1-10) 00—0 Moun­tain View (8-3-1) 03—3 SEC­OND HALF: Erika Freely from Re­gan Cameron, 44:15; Freely from Sam Jones, 64:12; Jones unas­sisted, 65:40. Shots-cor­ners: MV 1-0, MTV 46-14. Saves: Mia Pawel­ski (MV) 23; Syd­ney Ne­whart (MTV) 1.

Lake­land 10, Elk Lake 3 At Elk Lake, Sam Calachino had a hat trick and Jor­dyn Flynn had two goals and an as­sist to lead Lake­land.

El­iza Boss­cher and Grasyn Bush­nell each had a goal and an as­sist for Elk Lake. Lake­land (11-0) 64—10 Elk Lake (3-8-1) 12—3 FIRST HALF: Sam Calachino (LAK) from Maria Good, :47; Alyssa Al­bino (LAK) unas­sisted, 5:43; Graysn Bush­nell (EL) unas­sisted, 8:52; Calachino (LAK) from Al­bino, 18:56; Marissa Boles (LAK) unas­sisted, 28:16; Calachino (LAK) unas­sisted, 37:26; Jor­dyn Flynn (LAK) from Brooke Longstreet, 39:36. SEC­OND HALF: Rhi­an­non Berghauser (LAK) from Flynn, 50:55; Flynn (LAK) from Good, 52:15; Boles (LAK) from Jes­sica Beecroft, 54:07; El­iza Boss­cher (EL) from Bush­nell, 58:33; Sa­man­tha Ca­puto (LAK) from Grace Paull, 69:04; Kylie Smith (EL) from Boss­cher, 70:23. Shots-cor­ners: LAK 36-4, EL 9-1. Saves: Emily Sashko (LAK) 4; Brooke Arnold (EL) 9; Lucy Ives (EL) 3.

Wal­len­pau­pack 9, Scran­ton 0 At Wal­len­pau­pack, Rachael Tir­jan had two goals and two as­sists to lead the Lady Buck­horns in a Di­vi­sion I-II cross­over.

Sammi Kil­liany scored twice for the win­ners. Scran­ton (2-9) 00—0 Wal­len­pau­pack (8-3) 54—9 FIRST HALF: Sammi Kil­liany from Rachael Tir­jan, 5:56; Kil­liany from Tir­jan, 13:52; Tir­jan from Re­becca Pizzo, 23:29; Lind­sey Men­gel on penalty kick, 30:48; Courtney Mooney from Macken­zie Turner, 34:47. SEC­OND HALF: Tir­jan unas­sisted, 47:11; Aliah Balch unas­sisted, 49:45; Mooney from Liz Des­met, 70:23; Syd­ney Col­well from Emily Lan­gan, 78:50. Shots-cor­ners: SCR 0-0, WAL 25-7. Saves: Trin­ity Gam­maitoni (SCR) 16; Olivia Gre­gory (WAL) 0. Dun­more 10, Car­bon­dale Area 0

At Car­bon­dale, Gil­lian Coar scored six goals to lead Dun­more to a Di­vi­sion IV win.

Olivia Or­tiz had two goals for the Lady Bucks. Dun­more (7-2-2) 37—10 Car­bon­dale Area (2-7-2) 00—0 FIRST HALF: Gil­lian Coar unas­sisted, 2:11; Olivia Or­tiz unas­sisted, 35:20; Kelly Quinn unas­sisted, 38:00. SEC­OND HALF: G. Coar unas­sisted, 41:18; G. Coar unas­sisted, 43:10; G. Coar unas­sisted, 45:14; Or­tiz unas­sisted, 53:26; G. Coar unas­sisted, 62:56; G. Coar unas­sisted, 63:58; Abby Springer unas­sisted, 75:45. Shots-cor­ners: DUN 34-7, CAR 3-0. Saves: Olivia Leo (DUN) 1; Jes­sica Bor­ders (CAR) 16.


Ethan Cortes had a goal and two as­sists and Bran­don Wen­tovich scored twice to lead Lake­land to a 5-1 win over Western Wayne in a Lack­awanna League Di­vi­sion II game.

Con­nor Laity scored for Western Wayne. Lake­land (8-2-1) 50—5 Western Wayne (4-6) 01—1 FIRST HALF: Michael Besten (LAK) unas­sisted, 7:35; Bran­don Wen­tovich (LAK) from Ethan Cortes, 9:16; Wen­tovich (LAK) unas­sisted, 12:40; Ma­son Erd­mann (LAK) from Cortes, 20:21; Cortes (LAK) from Jerry Borosky, 32:43. SEC­OND HALF: Con­nor Laity (WW) from Stephen Or­chard, 56:12. Shots-cor­ners: LAK 29-12, WW 10-3. Saves: Justin Burkhart (LAK) 2; Gary Geinitz (WW) 15.

Abing­ton Heights 8 North Po­cono 1 At Clarks Sum­mit, Luke Ab­dalla had a hat trick and Jimmy Le­fchak had two goals and an as­sist to lead Abing­ton Heights to a Di­vi­sion I win.

Kohl Kin­cel scored for North Po­cono. North Po­cono (2-11) 01—1 Abing­ton Heights (11-1) 6 2 — 8 FIRST HALF: Luke Ab­dalla (AH) unas­sisted, 5:00; Ab­dalla (AH) unas­sisted, 8:00; Ab­dalla (AH) from Jimmy Le­fchak, 15:00; Le­fchak (AH) on penalty kick, 18:00; An­to­nio Maletta (AH) unas­sisted, 20:00; Le­fchak (AH) from Maletta, 30:00. SEC­OND HALF: Kohl Kin­cel (NP) from Noah Bud­novitch, 54:00; Con­nor Thorpe (AH) from Liam Neary, 65:00; Koty Stiles (AH) from Jack Slusser, 79:00. Shots-cor­ners: NP 8-2, AH 16-3. Saves: Con­nor Richards (NP) 4; Brooks Hanna (NP) 4; Jack­son Danzig (AH) 3; An­thony Lionetti (AH) 4.

Dun­more 3, Blue Ridge 2 At Dun­more, Jonathan Rig­gall and Noah Bar­ton each had a goal and an as­sist to lead the Bucks to a Di­vi­sion III win.

Kil­lian Palmiter also scored for the win­ners.

Gar­rett Mans­field and Axel Me­jia both scored for Blue Ridge. Blue Ridge (9-2) 11—2 Dun­more (8-3) 12—3 FIRST HALF: Jonathan Rig­gall (DUN) from Char­lie DeNapoli, 28:23; Gar­rett Mans­field (BR) from Jonathan Ble­witt, 39:15. SEC­OND HALF: Noah Bar­ton (DUN) from Rig­gall, 44:29; Kil­lian Palmiter (DUN) from Bar­ton, 52:02; Axel Me­jia (BR) from Ble­witt, 67:28. Shots-cor­ners: BR 12-3, DUN 11-4. Saves: Eric Hall (BR) 6; David Day (DUN) 9.

For­est City 4, Car­bon­dale Area 1

At Car­bon­dale, Tyler Clift and Ian Bai­ley each scored two goals to lead For­est City.

Chance Olsewzski scored for Car­bon­dale Area. For­est City (10-2) 22—4 Car­bon­dale Area (5-6) 01—1 FIRST HALF: Tyler Clift (FC) unas­sisted, 14:00; Clift (FC) on penalty kick, 38:00. SEC­OND HALF: Ian Bai­ley (FC) unas­sisted, 47:00; Bai­ley (FC) unas­sisted, 51:00; Chance Olsewzski (CAR) unas­sisted, 60:00. Shots-cor­ners: FC 20-2, CAR 6-3. Saves: Dakota Knehr-Cook (FC) 3; Jor­dan Ros­setti (CAR) 9; Noah Mauro (CAR) 5.

Old Forge 1, River­side 0 At River­side on Wed­nes­day, Nina Zim­mer­man scored in the first half to give Old Forge a win.

Jor­dan Grzy­boski had 18 saves for River­side. Old Forge (3-8) 10—1 River­side (0-11) 00—0 FIRST HALF: Nina Zim­mer­man unas­sisted, 30:01. Shots-cor­ners: OF 19-7, RIV 8-1. Saves: Santino Brigido (OF) 8; Jor­dan Grzy­boski (RIV) 18. Con­tact the writer: sports@timessham­; 570-348-9125; @sport­sTT on Twit­ter


From left, Hones­dale’s Shan­non O’Day, Li­lah Car­mody, Han­nah Hol­bert and Tara McLaughlin cel­e­brate their win in over­time against North Po­cono on Thurs­day night.


Hones­dale’s Sophia Goyette and North Po­cono’s Fitch bat­tle for ball dur­ing Thurs­day night’s game. Ally

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