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C5 Friday, September 25, 2020 the times-tribune FRIDAY SEPTEMBER 25 TV TONIGHT 6PM 6:30 7:00 7:30 8:00 8:30 9:00 9:30 10:00 10:30 11:00 11:30 General News News Insed. News 25Wor.. Extra Dish Bbang Feud News News News Cops Cops Football News News News News News News Blueb. News News Wheel Dateline Sport.. News Football Pawn News Penny's Feud Feud Feud Feud Illusion Illusion Animals Animals 2½ Men 2½ Men Flintsto.. Happyd. MASH MASH Griffith Griffith G. Pyle Gr.acr.. Hogan Hogan News The Day Wealth W.week Firing Performanc­es Art in 21st Goldbe.. Goldbe.. Bbang Bbang WWE Smackdown News Feud Feud Feud Feud Illusion Illusion Animals Animals News SVU SVU SVU SVU SVU B. Miller B. Miller Bunker.. Bunker.. Alice Alice 3's Co. 3's Co. News The First 48 The First 48 The First 48 Live Rescue Con Air The Goonies The Goonies River Monsters River Monsters Rivmondead Mysteries Ch. Monsters He's Just Not That Into You Legally Blonde Legally Blonde Lastman Lastman Lastman Lastman Mom Mom Mom Mom Mom Mom Money Shark T. Shark T. Shark T. Shark T. Boss Situation Outfront A. Cooper Cuomo CNN Ton. CNN Ton. Southpk Southpk Southpk Southpk Southpk Southpk Southpk Southpk Southpk Southpk E. Povitsky EWTN News Nightly Walsingh News S&LMA.. Icons Women Mass Bering Sea Gold Dredged Up Sea Gold 100 Days Wild Homestead Homestead Frozen Mirworld Cat Noir Catnoir Cat Noir Cat Noir Miracworld The Kardashian­s He's Just Not That Into You He's Just Not That Into You Sprtc Sprtc Count Courtsi Sprtc Daily Wager NFL NFL L Football Football Classics News Diners Diners Diners Diners Diners Alice Through... Brave Tangled NFLFILM NFLTP Racecl.. Refuse Raced.. Racing Deadpool 2 A Wilderness of Error Wldrnsserr­r Wldrnsserr­r All of My Heart: Inn Love Christmas in Rome G. Girls G. Girls G. Girls Fixer to Fabulous Fixer to Fabulous Dreamh. Dreamh. Bigeasy Bigeasy Dreamh. Dreamh. H.hunt Aliens Monsterque­st Monsterque­st Monsterque­st Ancient Aliens Aliens Game On! Shannon Shannon House Fashion Bearpaw Bearpaw Queens Queens Queens Queens The Holiday Where the He... The Beat The Reidout R.maddow Last Word The 11th Hour Softball 1st & 10 Joejud.. Fantasy FB Giants1st&10 Basket. Cl. Ridicu. Ridicu. Ridicu. Ridicu. Ridicu. Ridicu. Ridicu. Ridicu. Ridicu. Ridicu. Ridicu. Ridicu. Casa. Loud H. Loud H. Casa. Loud H. Casa. Nick/unf Chat Friends Friends Friends Friends Holiday Gift Preview I. Mizrahi Philosophy: Beauty Trace Trace Trace Trace Trace Trace The Da Vinci Walking Tall Doctor Strange Fam.g.. Fam.g.. Central Intelligen­ce Pain and Gain Children of the Damned Outlaw Josey Wales ET TMZ Feud Access #Athome Love Is. WWE Smackdown Law Order CI Law Order CI Blueb. News Feud Dateline Law Order CI News Colbert Soldiers Bbang Bbang Feud Feud Feud News Tonight Law Order CI Dish News Kimmel News Colbert News Tonight Path News 2 Broke 2 Broke Burnett Mason Amanpour Daily Sein. 2 Broke Queens SVU J.carson (N) (N) 'TV14' 'TV14' 'TV14' FAIRVIEW MEMORIAL PARK ELMHURST PA Garden of the Cross section (3) (5) (9) (10) (11) (16) (22) (28) (35) (38) (38.2)METV (44) (56) (57) (64) (243)WNEP2 ; KYW WNYW WWOR WCAU WQMY WNEP WYOU WBRE WYLN WSWB (N) (L) ae ; Lot #126 spaces A & B 2 lots and 2 vaults. $4,500 Includes $95 transfer fee. "Qualifier 2" 'TVPG' (SP) (N) ae ; H.S. 'TVG' (N) ae ; 727-812-6477 Insed. ET Jeop Videos #Athome 20/20 Love Is. 'TVPG' (N) 'TVPG' (N) 'TV14' 'TVPG' ae ; ; Education 'TV14' (SP) (N) $$$ EARN EXTRA CASH $$$ ; FAIRVIEW MEMORIAL PARK ELMHURST PA Garden of the Cross section Panther Valley School District "Qualifier 2" Our circulatio­n is growing 7 day routes available immediatel­y in the following areas !!!! (N) H.S. (L) ae ; 'TVG' ae ; Lot #126 spaces A & B 2 lots and 2 vaults. $4,500 Includes $95 transfer fee. JUNIOR SENIOR HIGH SCHOOL GRADE 8 SCIENCE & BUSINESS EDUCATION TEACHERS WILKES BARRE HANOVER TWP PITTSTON AVOCA WARRIOR RUN (N) 'TVG' (N) (N) (N) 'TVG' (N) 727-812-6477 ; WVIA WOLF WPSG WQPX (L) 'TV14' (N) FAIRVIEW MEMORIAL PARK ae ; ; News See pantherval­ for details. "Coerced" "Choice" "Abominatio­n" "Control" "Shaken" "Escape" Garden of Prayer Lot# 47A, spaces 3 & 4. 2 lots & 2 vaults. Early Morning Hours 7 Days per Week Must have reliable vehicle & current auto insurance. Call me and get on the list for a route today! Burt Reynolds General (N) (N) 'TV14' (‘85) Sean Astin. 'TVPG' (N) A&E AMC AP BRAV CMTV CNBC CNN COM CTV DISC DISN E ESPN ESPN2 ESPNCL FNC FOOD ae ; Split the transfer fee. (‘97) Nicolas Cage. C C C +++ ++++ ++++ $2,500 570-342-2495 "Fatal Fish of the North" (N) C C C ++ ++ ++ FAIRVIEW MEMORIAL PARK Marie Bidwell 570-821-2107 Mom Mom General "Busted!" 'TVPG' 'TVG' 'TVPG' 'TVG' 'TVPG' 'TVG' 'TVPG' 'TVPG' 'TVPG' 'TVG' Earn Extra Cash ; ; One single mausoleum crypt with bronze memorial plate. They sell for $4,500. Asking $3,000 which includes transfer fee. 'TVG' ; ; Foster parents needed! FCCY is looking for people to help meet the growing demand for foster homes. Those interested in becoming foster parents please call 1-800-747-3807. EOE. NOXEN ae; $1200 a month Delivery hours between 2am-6am 'TVPG' 'TVG' (N) (P) (N) 'TVG' ae ; ; 570-347-5922 (N) (‘13) Kristen Bell. (N) HARDING Fairview Memorial Park, Garden of Faith, Lot 64, plots 1 & 2. This cemetery is located between Gouldsboro, Moscow and Scranton in Elmhurst. These plots are in the Garden of Faith section at the top right of the cemetery. Call 570977-1676. C +++ ; $1500 a month Delivery hours 2am-6am Must have reliable vehicle & current auto insurance. If interested contact Eric Skelton 570-840-9811 eskelton@citizensvo­ C C ++ ++ Basketb. (N) 'TVG' (L) NCAA 'TVG' (L) 'TVG' ../ NBA Playoffs (L) 'TVG' (N) 'TVG' MLB Chi. Cubs vs Chi. White Sox (L) 'TVG' 'TVG' 'TV14' NBA 1981 Playoffs Phi./bos. 'TVPG' LOOKING ae ; ; ; ; ; Baseball (N) 'TVG' ae ; Boxing Hannity Diners Basketc. Ingraham Angle Diners Diners NCAA ; ; For A Buyer, Seller, Employer or Employee? The Times-tribune Want Ads Will Help You. Call: 570-348-9157 news Diners Fox News Diners, Drive-ins 700 Club Poker Wlderr G. Girls H.hunt 'TVG' 'TVG' ae ae ; ; ; Asking $1,000 for both. Work! Diners Classified­s (‘12) Kelly Macdonald. 'TV14' (‘10) Mandy Moore. NASCAR World of Westgate 200 (L) (N) (N) 'TVPG' C C C Freeform +++ +++ FERN KNOLL CEMETERY Dallas, PA FS1 FX HALL HGTV HIST HSN LIFE MSNBC MSG MTV NBCSN NICK QVC PRMT SYFY TBS ; Ryan Reynolds. (N) Lacey Chabert. C C +++ ++ The Salvation Army C "Aliens B.C." "The Greys" (N) is currently hiring 'TVG' (N) 'TVG' (‘06) Cameron Diaz. (N) 'TVG' 'TVPG' (N) 'TVG' ; ; ; C C +++ ae ; All In (N) A.U. (N) (N) 'TVG' (N) NBA ; FULL-TIME AND PART-TIME 'TVG' (N) ae ae; ae; ae; ; 'TVPG' 'TVPG' 'TVPG' 'TVPG' 'TVPG' 'TVPG' 6 burial plots for sale $3,000. Call (570) 575-0518 for further info. DRIVERS 'TVG' 'TVG' 'TV14' 'TVG' 'TV14' ae ; ; ; ; 'TV14' 'TV14' 'TV14' Benedict Cumberbatc­h. (‘13) Mark Wahlberg. (‘76) A farmer joins Confederat­e soldiers to pursue the Union renegades who killed his family. Sondra Locke, John Vernon, Clint Eastwood. 'TVPG' (N) 'TV14' ae ae ae ae ae ae ; ; ; ; ; Debate ... FOR SALE C C C C C +++ +++ ++ +++ 'TVMA' A cattle driver sells his herd, only to be kidnapped and forced to help steal it back. ae ; Alvarez Kelly (‘64) A group of children with amazing psychic abilities set out on a quest for power. Alfred Burke, Alan Badel. 'TVPG' C C C ++ +++ +++ Benefits after 90 days. Paid sick time, holiday and vacation. TCM VALLEY VIEW MEMORIAL GARDEN ae ae ; ; Darcey & Stacey 90 Day Fiancé 90 Day Fiancé Bones Bones Captain America: Civil War Titans! Titans! Gumball Gumball Bobbrg Bobbrg Bobbrg Bobbrg Bobbrg Bobbrg Extreme Para Extreme Para Extreme Para Extreme Para Paranormal N Griffith Griffith Griffith Griffith Ray Ray Ray Ray 2½ Men 2½ Men Chicago P.D. Chicago P.D. Chicago P.D. Chicago P.D. Chicago P.D. The Devil Wears Prada Rupaul The Devil Wears Prada Law Order CI Love After Love After Love After Love After Batting Prgame Baseball NY Post-game Prometheus Real Time With Bill Maher Fiancé 90 Day Fiancé Fiancé The Wolverine Puberty Bobbrg Paranormal Night Queens Queens Modern Modern Movie Love After Base.stories Room Bill 104 Maher TLC TNT TOON TRAV TVLD USA VH1 WE YES Apply in person: (‘16) Chris Evans. C C +++ 1155 River St., Scranton (N) (N) Two (2) plots. $2,000. (N) 'TV14' Meryl Streep. C C +++ +++ BUYER PAYS TRANSFER FEES. (N) NOW HIRING Scott Twp. 1 memorial monument bronze 44 x 13. Design crown crest rose with granite base 48 x 17. MLB Miami vs N.Y. Yankees (L) 'TVG' (‘12) A team of explorers fight a terrifying battle to save the human race. Noomi Rapace. 'TVMA' Kay Panabaker. (L) (N) "Meet Lovecraft Country Lovecraft C. C ++ "Strange Me in Daegu" (N) (N) 'TVMA' HBO ae 570-780-9659 Case" 'TVM' Jesse Bradford. 2/2 from Sept 24 (N) 'TVMA' 'TVM' ae ; ; ; ; MAPLE HILL CEMETERY Turbo: A Pow... Fame Doctor Sleep The Vow Lovecraft C. The Third Day White Noise Clear & Pres... Black and Blue Peppermint Clockstopp­ers Alita: Battle Angel HBOF HBO2 HBOS MAX SHOW STARZ TMC C C C C C ++ ++ +++ 2 plots for sale. Asking $1,300. Seller pays transfer fees. "Part 2" Aofchaos Die Hard Nocturnal Animals The Getaway John Wick: Chapter 3 - Parabell... The Eagle Hot Summer Nights The Amazing Spider-man Vida The Happytime Murders I Spy (‘88) Bruce Willis. C C C +++ ++ ++ Movie Call Tony at 570-655-0724 for more informatio­n. C C ++++ Michael Keaton. Channing Tatum. C C C C +++ Mount Carmel Cemetery Road House Desme.. Insiden.. Power Book II: G Movie Ace Ventura:... Patrick Swayze. C C ++ ++ (‘19) Naomie Harris. Jennifer Garner. Dunmore. 4 plots. $1,000 per plot + transfer fee of $80 each. C C +++ Eddie Murphy. C C ++ + Call 570-862-9189 Find your DREAM JOB in Classified­s. Over 100 recruitmen­t ads in Every Sunday Paper! Valley View Memorial Park Montdale, PA 2 Cemetery plots with 2 concrete vaults. $3,000 Call 570-290-2918 Excellent Benefits WEST PITTSTON CEMETERY and Compensati­on Package Join the LARGEST Job Fair in NEPA as we go VIRTUAL!!! 3 lots for sale. $900 each – negotiable. Email resume Call and leave a message. 570-479-0517 and salary requiremen­ts to: Where will you go in the end? NO PHONE CALLS PLEASE • EOE FAIRVIEW MEMORIAL PARK APPLICATIO­NS FOR ELMHURST, PA. 3 lots, in the Garden of Cross side-by-side. Lot 28. $3,000 value, asking $2,600. POLICE OFFICER BOROUGH OF HONESDALE The Borough of Honesdale Civil Service Commission is accepting applicatio­ns for police officers. The minimum requiremen­ts for a police officer are as follows: (1) at least 20 years of age prior to the applicatio­n submission deadline, (2) U.S. citizenshi­p, (3) physical fitness to perform the full duties of a police officer, (4) a valid Pennsylvan­ia driver`s license, (5) a high school diploma or graduate equivalenc­y diploma, and (6) valid PA Act 120 certificat­ion prior to appointmen­t. 570-562-3344 ADOPT: Educated profession­als long to adopt your baby. Devoted family, secure love awaits. Expenses paid. Kevin/kevin. 631-278-5132. Following submission of a complete and valid applicatio­n and the required non-refundable fee of $10.00, each eligible applicant who satisfies all applicable requiremen­ts for the position will be required to take (1) an agility exam and (2) a written exam. Applicants must pass each exam to proceed to the next exam. The third exam will be an oral exam. Additional testing and examinatio­ns will be required as well. There is no guarantee or requiremen­ts that Borough Council will appoint any police officers from the establishe­d eligibilit­y list. Auction for the Estate of Barry Tevlin Sunday, September 27 at 12:00 1830 PA-106 Clifford Twp, PA Firearms, Farm Tractors, Tools, Vehicles, 1000's of New items in the Boxes. Applicatio­n packets may be obtained at the Borough of Honesdale Municipal Building, 958 Main Street, Honesdale PA 18431 Monday through Friday between the hours of 9 a.m. and 3 p.m. The deadline for submitting completed applicatio­ns and all other required documents is at 3 p.m. The completed applicatio­n and all applicatio­n documents must be personally delivered (on or before the stated deadline) to or timely mailed (as demonstrat­ed by a valid postmark on or before the stated deadline), to the attention of at the Honesdale Municipal Building, 958 Main Street, Honesdale, PA 18431. October 5, 2020 Judith Poltanis Virtual View #8072 for more info and pictures. Judith Poltanis, John Regan Auctioneer AU003165L 570-856-8840 The Borough of Honesdale is an Equal Opportunit­y Employer. < CASH IN THE COUNTRY MAKE UP TO $1100 PER MONTH 2020 Why Wait! Get Connected Quicker with the Great Northeast Virtual Job Fair SAVE THE DATE October 6 - October 19 JOB SEARCH 24/7! Pre-register Today! Featured Employers: (570) 840-5482 greatnorth­eastjobfai­

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