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Cir­cus Per­form­ers

1. Four­teen years ago, David Smith banged out the record in this role, when in a flash he trav­eled 200 feet at a speed of 70 mph. 2. Doc­tors are a bit fuzzy on Annie Jones’ pre­cise ail­ment, she suf­fered from ei­ther hy­per­tri­chosis or hir­sutism. Ei­ther way, it was so par­tic­u­larly pro­nounced that she be­came one of the most fa­mous ex­am­ples of this. 3. From a sore throat to in­testi­nal bleed­ing, this job has been the cause of count­less in­juries and about 30 fa­tal­i­ties. How­ever the tech­niques have helped re­searchers at Van­der­bilt and Johns Hop­kins learn more about treat­ing esoph­a­gus dis­or­ders and throat trauma. 4. Be­fore pick­ing up the chair, it is im­per­a­tive this cir­cus per­former as­sures its main coun­ter­part is well nour­ished and healthy. 5. When Rin­gling Brothers Bar­num and Bai­ley saw lack of re­plen­ish­ment in this par­tic­u­lar field, they opened a trade col­lege that even­tu­ally grad­u­ated 1400 stu­dents. 6. This for­merly pop­u­lar for­eign dis­ci­pline has slinked out of cir­cus fa­vor, due to both an Act of Wildlife Pro­tec­tion and be­cause of its in­her­ent dan­ger. 7. But there doesn’t seem to be a law against ex­ploit­ing these oft mis­la­beled peo­ple, of whom the most in­fa­mous case were of nat­u­ral­ized Amer­i­cans Chang and Eng.

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