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1. In hy­drol­ogy, this tiny en­tity is more tech­ni­cally known as a glob­ule, but in eco­nomics it’s a sit­u­a­tion where mar­ket prices are un­sus­tain­able.

2. In hy­drol­ogy, this is a tiny stream of water, but in eco­nomics it’s the first part of a lais­sez-faire sup­ply side the­ory.

3. This tech­nique is part of a pop­u­lar home rem­edy to treat sore throats, par­tic­u­larly when done with the world’s most com­mon so­lu­tion.

4. This sud­den and of­ten repet­i­tive pro­tec­tive re­flex - which helps clear the large breath­ing pas­sages from flu­ids, ir­ri­tants, for­eign par­ti­cles, and mi­crobes – is the most cited rea­son for a pri­mary care visit.

5. In 2007, Flor­ida teenager Jen­nifer Mee gained me­dia fame for do­ing this in­vol­un­tary con­trac­tion about 50 times per minute for more than five weeks.

6. Ac­cus­ing a politi­cian of this calls into ques­tion their con­sis­tency and mo­tives, but as footwear gained pop­u­lar­ity in Amer­ica af­ter WWII sol­diers re­turned with them from Ja­pan.

7. It’s also a warn­ing from a preda­tory an­i­mal, this rum­bling noise which is pro­duced by move­ment in the gas­tro-in­testi­nal tract and is the body’s au­di­ble mes­sage.

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