The right num­ber would just be for­ever

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Yeah, so I’d like to live for­ever. I re­al­ize that’s a big num­ber, so big it doesn’t even ex­ist. And I imag­ine that at some point in the fu­ture, maybe a bil­lion or so years from now, or per­haps 10 bil­lion, or maybe a tril­lion, or a quin­til­lion, or a gajil­lion — you get the idea — I’ll prob­a­bly be sit­ting alone in some dis­tant galaxy wish­ing I an­swered this ques­tion, “Oh, I don’t know, maybe 100?”, but in the mean­time, for now, it’s for­ever.

Why? Three main rea­sons.

One, by liv­ing for­ever, I get to see ev­ery­thing. med­i­cal sci­ence ad­vance Men on Mars, the Mets to catch up with my Mir­a­cle win­ning another World Man sta­tus, as I don’t Series, things like that. want to live for­ever in a

Two, it would be cool bed. I’d like to live for­ever to hang out with my at age 27, which would ob­vi­ously great-great-great-great­great-great-great-great­great-great-great-great­great-great-great-great­great-great-great-great­great-great-great-great-great-great-great-great­great-great-great-great­great-great-great-great mean we’d need some time travel tech or high end med tech or some laser gun rays or some­thing. I’d read a lot of books. Lis­ten to a lot of mu­sic. I’d love a lot of women, but I’d make sure to ask grand­child, first and I’d never do any­thing

Three, this would guar­an­tee to get in­volved in a I wouldn’t have to sex scan­dal, be­cause ap­par­ently face my great­est fear: those things Dy­ing be­fore the “Star stick nowa­days. Wars” saga is com­plete. So yeah. For­ever is a Not just the Sky­walker nice round num­ber. I’ll fam­ily stuff; I mean the be the guinea pig for this whole thing. I want to be one. around for the last gasp of this fran­chise. I’m in­vested, what can I say.

Ide­ally, I’d like to see Jeff Edel­stein is a colum­nist for The Tren­to­nian.

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