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1. A per­son can cre­ate 25,000 quarts of this in­te­gral lu­bri­cant in one life­time, which is enough to fill a stan­dard back­yard pool, but even at 99.5 per­cent wa­ter you still wouldn’t want to swim in it.

2. Every day, a healthy per­son still cre­ates about a liter of this vis­cous fluid rich in gly­co­pro­teins, and per­haps even more is made in the spring.

3. A per­son with a three­inch nail in their pocket could set off a metal de­tec­tor, but cu­ri­ously, flow­ing through us we have enough of this el­e­ment to make a three-inch nail.

4. You have about 10,000 of these re­cep­tors, ones which con­trol one of your five ma­jor senses. Con­trary to pop­u­lar be­lief, they do not abide some oral map, and in 10 days you will have a whole new set.

5. Re­gard­less of diet or ac­tiv­ity, you have 30 bil­lion adipocyte, but in 10 years will have de­vel­oped all new ones. What are they?

6. The pH level of this bi­o­log­i­cal fluid can reach an acidic 1.5, es­pe­cially af­ter con­sum­ing some­thing dis­agree­able

7. If mea­sured in liters, the hu­man body cre­ates about one a day, but per­haps more if a per­son is an in­jured he­mo­phil­iac.

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