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1. This shal­low-dish style mim­ics pizza from the Ital­ian-owned pizze­rias not in Italy but a dif­fer­ent Mediter­ranean coun­try, can be made with Feta in­stead of moz­zarella, but never cu­cum­ber sauce in­stead of to­mato sauce.

2. De­spite its name, this di­vi­sive style of pizza comes from Canada and not the South Pa­cific, and got its name since it is topped with hama and hala ki­hiki.

3. There is now an en­tire pizza kitchen fran­chise de­voted to this un­con­ven­tional pizza, which is a flat­bread method known for its unique ingredients, like bar­beque chicken, and of course, av­o­cado.

4. Pre­sum­ably, though ap­par­ently con­tact is lost, this mis­sion was the first to leave the so­lar sys­tem, blaz­ing a new trail into the galaxy like a fron­tiers­man in the Old West.

5. Not to be con­fused with the Ply­mouth van, Chrysler mini­van, Mer­cury sta­tion wagon, or Kawasaki mo­tor­cy­cle is this space­craft, which was launched in 1977 and 35 years later be­came the first in­ter­stel­lar space­craft.

6. About 100 out-of-this­world ex­per­i­ments were con­ducted on this self­ex­plana­tory first space sta­tion, un­til it came crash­ing down to earth in 1979.

7. This MLB team wins the World Series over the Chicago Cubs.

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