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QHowAThis­can I stop Mi­crosoft Word from chang­ing my text?

topic never goes away. Even the new Mi­crosoft Of­fice 2007 — oth­er­wise a big im­prove­ment over ear­lier ver­sions — is as bossy as ever when you write in Word.

You can reg­u­late this be­hav­ior, but the way to do so de­pends on the ver­sion of Word you run. In Word 2003 and most older re­leases, go to the Tools menu and se­lect “Au­toCor­rect Op­tions.” In Word 2007, click the round Of­fice but­ton at the top-left cor­ner, click the “Word Op­tions” but­ton, se­lect the Proof­ing cat­e­gory and click the “Au­toCor­rect Op­tions” but­ton.

Un­der the Au­toCor­rect Op­tions win­dow’s “Au­toCor­rect” tab, click the check-boxes next to such com­mands as “Cor­rect TWo INi­tial CAp­i­tals” and “Cap­i­tal­ize First Let­ter of Sen­tences” to stop Word from mak­ing th­ese fixes on its own. Se­lect the “Aut­o­For­mat As You Type” tab to con­trol how Word makes for­mat­ting changes, such as in­sert­ing bul­let sym­bols in a list or turn­ing typed frac­tions into sym­bols (1/2 into ½). How can I tell if a Web site of­fers a ver­sion I can use on my phone?

Some­times, just visit­ing its home page in a phone’s browser will send you to a ver­sion de­signed for mo­bile brows­ing (as is the case at wash­ing­ton­post. com).

But not all sites work that way. Some don’t even bother to an­nounce their mo­bile ver­sions on their home pages.

In­stead, try this: On your phone, type the site’s do­main name, fol­lowed by a slash and “mo­bile”; if that doesn’t work, type “mo­bile” be­fore the name. For in­stance, a phone ver­sion of the Or­b­itz travel site is at or­b­­bile, while ESPN’s is at mo­

Still can’t find a wire­less edi­tion of a site? Search for its name and “mo­bile” in the mo­bile sites of Google or, at com and If no mo­bile ver­sion of a site ex­ists, those search en­gines will re­for­mat a full-sized page for phone view­ing.

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