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Q: The copy of Sa­fari on my iPhone is stuck. How do I force that app to quit?

A: The sim­plic­ity of Ap­ple’s smart­phone can make some things sur­pris­ingly tricky. For in­stance, how do you shut down a pro­gram when there’s no menu through which you could se­lect a “quit” com­mand?

I got the an­swer from one of the Ap­ple em­ploy­ees demon­strat­ing the new Ver­i­zon iPhone 4 at Tues­day’s event, when the copy of Sa­fari on an­other iPhone had got­ten hung up.

Press the Home but­ton twice to bring up the iPhone’s list of re­cently opened ap­pli­ca­tions. Then touch and hold the icon for the stuck app un­til it starts to wig­gle and dis­plays a mi­nus sign in a red cir­cle above its top left corner; press that sym­bol to force it to quit. Press the Home but­ton one more time.

( The iPhone man­ual notes this op­tion, but who reads those things?)

If you own an iPhone 3G, which doesn’t sup­port mul­ti­task­ing, press and hold the on/off but­ton at the top of the phone un­til a red slider con­trol, la­beled “slide to power off,” ap­pears on the screen, then press and hold the Home but­ton to force the app to exit.

Have a stuck ap­pli­ca­tion on an An­droid phone? Open its Set­tings app, se­lect its Ap­pli­ca­tions cat­e­gory, se­lect Man­age Ap­pli­ca­tions, choose the er­rant pro­gram and tap the “Force stop” but­ton. Some An­droid phones also ship with task-man­ager util­i­ties that sim­plify this task; you can also add one from the An­droid Mar­ket. Q: My new Win­dows 7 64-bit com­puter can’t run my old copy of Fam­ily Tree Maker 2006. Can I get at the data from that pro­gram?

A: Newer ver­sions of this ge­neal­ogy pro­gram — the 2008, 2009, 2010 and 2011 re­leases — all run prop­erly in Win­dows 7. But im­port­ing the older pro­gram’s data will take an ex­tra step or two, as re­lated by de­vel­oper An­ces­ on its blog:

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