Crock o’ doo­dle doo: Car­toon cap­tions from Week 1126

The Washington Post Sunday - - DIVERSIONS - BY PAT MY­ERS

Bob Staake’s car­toons in Week

1126 inspired the usual wide va­ri­ety of cap­tion ideas, though there were many along the same theme: The Em­press counted 19 re­fer­ring to Won­der Woman in Pic­ture 3, and 24 that changed one let­ter of “the buck stops here” in Pic­ture 2. If your en­try was pretty much like one that got ink, good for you. You get noth­ing.

4th place

Pic­ture 2: “JUST AS IT’S SPELLED.” (Danielle Nowlin, Fair­fax Sta­tion)

3rd place

Pic­ture 3: Joyce re­grets that the same doc­tor did her eye­lids and her breast im­plants. (Roger Dal­rym­ple, Get­tys­burg, Pa.)

2nd place and the gad­get that shoots spin­ning disks at flies:

Pic­ture 3: Hil­lary demon­strates that she has no vis­i­ble con­nec­tion to her foun­da­tion. (Jeff Ha­zle, Wood­bridge)


Pic­ture 2: The sign en­graver mis­un­der­stood the boss’s re­quest to “do it in cur­sive.” (Jeff Shirley, Rich­mond)

And the win­ner of the Inkin’ Me­mo­rial

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