Check your loco list­ings: TV spinoffs from Week 1127

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In Week 1127 we asked you to think of a spinoff of a real TV se­ries, past or present, and to de­scribe the re­sult, or in­clude a snip­pet of the script. One zinger, by Bird War­ing of Larch­mont, N.Y., lacked a de­scrip­tion but re­ally didn’t need it: “The Cosby Show:


4th place

House of Car­di­nals: Af­ter the mys­te­ri­ous demise of his pre­de­ces­sor, Pope Fran­cis II takes con­trol of the Vat­i­can. (Mark Raffman, Re­ston)

3rd place

Orig­i­nal: “Walker, Texas Ranger”; Spinoff: Pitcher, Hous­ton As­tro: Chuck Nor­ris heads far­ther south to be­come a crime-fight­ing ma­jor lea­guer. He also catches his own pitches and ejects um­pires from games. (Kevin Dopart, Washington)

2nd place and the preg­nant-grandma salt and pep­per shakers:

Sesame Towne Cen­tre: Ker­mit buys the block and con­verts it to a vi­brant re­tail/residential com­mu­nity, find­ing that it’s easy mak­ing green. (Rob Co­hen, Po­tomac)

And the win­ner of the Inkin’ Me­mo­rial

Game of Throne 2016: Lind­sey Graham: “We must con­quer the Seven King­doms — no, let’s make it eight!” Rand Paul: “Con­quest is for fools, I say! And I will keep on say­ing . . .” Hil­lary Clin­ton: “I shall de­cide later. First, bring me your gold.” (Mark Raffman)

Tele­flub­bies: Hon­or­able men­tions

19 Counts and Kid­ding: Le­gal an­a­lysts trade quips about charges that might be brought against Josh Dug­gar and his par­ents. (Chris Doyle, Pon­der, Tex.)

Orig­i­nal: “That Girl”; spinoff: Phat

Girl: Never com­fort­able grow­ing up in ru­ral Mon­tana, Rachel Dolezal moves to the Big City to live out her dream of be­ing a No­table Black Per­son. (Doug Frank, Crosby, Tex.)

ERR: The drama moves down the hall­way at County Gen­eral to the night­mar­ish world of Med­i­cal Billing. (Jason Russo, An­nan­dale)

Crib Your En­thu­si­asm: Larry David re­mar­ries and has a kid, and guess what — the baby looks just like him, and he can talk! “Have you no­ticed that the left one hangs a lit­tle lower than the right? It’s eas­ier for me to reach — so would you mind if we just stick with that one?” (Mark Raffman)

“Open Sesame” Street: Chi­nese tykes learn how to hack In­ter­net pass­words and are taught about spy­ware by the Cook­ies Mon­ster. (Bruce Carlson, Alexandria) Orig­i­nal: “The Bev­erly Hill­bil­lies”;

spinoff: Ce­ment Pon­der­ing: Shrewdly gaug­ing the 90210 mar­ket, Jethro be­comes a New Age spir­i­tual ad­viser. (Kevin Dopart)

House of Lards: Pre­quel his­tor­i­cal fic­tion that chron­i­cles the rise to power of Tip O’Neill. (Ed­ward Gor­don, Austin)

Mad Lib Men: Don (last name) makes (noun)s for large com­pa­nies in the (decade num­ber)s. He drinks a lot of (liq­uid) and smokes (noun)s . He sleeps with (num­ber)s of (gen­der op­tion)s. (Art Gri­nath, Takoma Park)

The Old and the Rest­ful: Grandpa: “I love you.” Grandma: “LINE?” (Dave Ferry, Purvis, Miss.)

The Big Bang Hy­poth­e­sis: The pre­quel se­ries fol­lows the char­ac­ters in their high school years. And you thought they were awk­ward now! (Danielle Nowlin, Fair­fax Sta­tion)

Harpy Days: Chachi no longer loves Joanie. (John Kam­mer, South Rid­ing)

Sur­vivor: Co­op­er­a­tion: Par­tic­i­pants face chal­lenges in a harsh en­vi­ron­ment and are re­warded for work­ing to­gether rather than back­stab­bing each other. (Un­sold pi­lot.) (Jeff Con­tom­pa­sis, Ashburn)

Sur­vivor: Gilligan’s Is­land: Skip­per: Gilligan, lit­tle buddy, it looks like you’re get­ting voted off the is­land. Gilligan: Not if Mrs. How­ell votes for Mr. How­ell. [Laugh track: po­lite chuckle.] Thurston How­ell III: You’d never do such a thing, would you, Lovey? [Beat.] [Laugh track: Big laugh, end-of-scene ap­plause.] (War­ren Tan­abe, An­napo­lis) Orig­i­nal: “Booknotes”; spinoff:

Pop-Up Book Notes: The great literary minds of our day dis­cuss old-school in­ter­ac­tive sto­ries. Brian Lamb: “Tonight we ex­plore the deeper sig­nif­i­cance of ‘Tyra the Tyran­nosaur Hunts Up Lunch.’ ” Philip Roth: “I re­ally en­joyed the pull thingy on Page 2 that makes the di­nosaur’s mouth open.” Donna Tartt: “And the skinny lizard that you pull the tab and it makes a fan? That was neat.” Don DeLillo: “Aren’t we miss­ing the greater sig­nif­i­cance of the slid­ing win­dow that shows the ef­fect of Tyra’s bite on, on, the one with three horns?” Tartt: “Tricer­atops.” Roth: “Wasn’t that a stegosaurus?” (Lawrence McGuire, Wal­dorf) Orig­i­nal: “Jeop­ardy!” Spinoff: Jeop­ardy. With new host Stephen Wright. (Rob Huffman, Fred­er­icks­burg)

Danc­ing With the D-list: Au­di­ence mem­bers who can iden­tify any of the “stars” are in­vited to try out for the next sea­son, “Danc­ing With the E-list.” (Roger Dal­rym­ple, Get­tys­burg, Pa.)

Myth Trusters: Ex­citable Guy: Is it true that a bro­ken mir­ror causes seven years of bad luck? Calm Guy: I saw a YouTube video where some­body broke a mir­ror and then had 7 years of bad luck. Ex­citable Guy: Good enough for me. (Art Gri­nath)

Leave IT to Beaver: Ag­ing, em­bit­tered Viet­nam vet Theodore Cleaver strug­gles with PTSD while work­ing a tech sup­port help desk. (Jeff Con­tom­pa­sis)

I Love Lucy’s La­cies. Now it can be told . . . Lucy: “Ricky, do you know why my bras and undies are all stretched out of shape?” Ricky: “I guess I got some ’splain­ing to do . . .” Lucy: “Waaaaaaah!” (Mark Raffman) Still run­ning — dead­line Mon­day night, July 6: Our con­test for word­plays on for­eign terms. See­vite1130.


For our No. 2 win­ner this week, this lovely out­house sculp­ture.

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