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M. Night Shya­malan is a case study in how to stretch 15 min­utes of fame into 15 years. His moody, sur­real “Sixth Sense” (1999) tells us that all it takes is one good twist end­ing. The di­rec­tor fol­lowed up see­ing dead peo­ple with a bunch of other brood­ing supernatural, thril­ler­ish dra­mas that all un­der­per­formed even though many sported his tell-tale last­minute curve­ball. He’s still hard at work, bring­ing the dis­tinctly meh “Way­ward Pines” to TV and get­ting ready to ter­ror­ize grand­chil­dren ev­ery­where with his up­com­ing movie “The Visit,” in which Nana and Gramps turn into mon­sters af­ter sunset.

See also: “Chap­pie” (2015) di­rec­tor Neill Blomkamp, who hasn’t been able to repli­cate the suc­cess of his think­ing man’s ac­tion movie “Dis­trict 9” (2009), and the Wa­chowski sib­lings, who may for­ever be liv­ing in the shadow of their “Ma­trix” movies.

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