It’s like Scrabble, but with adorable an­i­mated bears

The Washington Post Sunday - - TECHNOLOGY & INNOVATION - — Hay­ley Tsukayama

Word­smiths, get ready: There’s a newgame in town. Al­phabear is a fun word game fea­tur­ing adorable bears that grow when you nour­ish them with good words. Let­ter tiles are ar­ranged— a la Scrabble— around a bear and are worth dif­fer­ent points. Depend­ing on the letters you pick, your bear ex­pands to fit the space, some­times re­sult­ing in com­i­cally wide or cone-headed char­ac­ters. The big­ger the bear, the more points you can score, and the aes­thet­ics add a nice level to the game.

If you leave a let­ter un­used for too long, it can turn into a rock and keep your bear from grow­ing. You can also find rare bears as you play, which have pow­ers such as earn­ing you score boosts when you use cer­tain letters. There are in-app pur­chases in Al­phabear. As with many mo­bile games, you run out of fuel— in this case, honey— af­ter play­ing and need to ei­ther pay or wait to re­gen­er­ate your sup­plies. But it’s pos­si­ble to play with­out spend­ing real-world cash, and this lit­tle game is a fun way for lan­guage lovers to stretch their brains. Free, for An­droid.

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