A not-so-great wall idea

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Re­gard­ing the Jan. 27 ed­i­to­rial “A trade war we don’t need”:

Build­ing a wall along the Mex­i­can border need not be con­tentious. Look to the Great Wall of China for in­spi­ra­tion. Our wall could be an ar­chi­tec­tural in­spi­ra­tion in which both Mex­i­cans and Amer­i­cans could take pride. Rather than dis­pute which na­tion, neigh­bors by the way, should pay for it, make it self­fi­nanc­ing. Cre­ate a beau­ti­ful wall, a tourist at­trac­tion.

China’s Great Wall is about 13,000 miles in length and took about 19 cen­turies to build. It can be seen from space, which will ap­peal to some Mex­i­can wall pro­po­nents. There are up to 70,000 vis­i­tors each day, and that’s just in one sec­tion. Con­sider the in­come to be gen­er­ated by charg­ing ad­mis­sion fees. Ad­vances in build­ing tech­nolo­gies will re­duce the time it takes to build our wall. New jobs will be cre­ated. Tourists will need ho­tels, restau­rants, sou­venir shops and the like — and ad­di­tional tax in­come.

If the pur­pose was to keep out bar­bar­ians, China’s wall was not very ef­fec­tive, but I di­gress. Our wall is a win­ner. Harold A. Vaughn, Wash­ing­ton

What would Ron­ald Rea­gan

say about a fel­low Re­pub­li­can pres­i­dent who is work­ing so hard and wants to spend so much money on a wall that will hin­der re­la­tions with an im­por­tant ally and cost bil­lions nei­ther coun­try has to spare? Per­haps the same thing he said in Ber­lin: “Tear down this wall!”

Kathrine Ebert, Wash­ing­ton

I have a degree in eco­nomics,

but you don’t need one to know that Mex­ico isn’t go­ing to just stand by and do noth­ing if an im­port tax is put into ef­fect. It will sim­ply tax any prod­ucts go­ing from the United States into Mex­ico at 40 per­cent. Who’s go­ing to lose? We are. Steve Hirsch, Bal­ti­more

A 20 per­cent tax on im­ports

from Mex­ico would cer­tainly af­fect the economies of the United States and Mex­ico, and per­haps it would in some sense also pun­ish Mex­ico, but how would it make Mex­ico pay for the wall? It seems that the cus­tomers who buy Mex­i­can prod­ucts at the new and higher prices would be foot­ing the bill. By­ron Stump, West Friendship, Md.

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