The pizza guy looks a lot like Ovi

Cap­i­tals star re­ally does de­liver — though not ev­ery­one knew who was at their door

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The pizza de­liv­ery guy, wear­ing black sweat­pants and a red Papa John’s shirt, climbed the steps up to a front door in Ster­ling on Fri­day evening and rang the bell.

“Pizza’s here,” he said, as the door opened.

“Oh my god,” said the man who an­swered.

And that, hon­estly, seems like a pretty fair re­ac­tion. Be­cause on this trip, the pizza de­liv­ery guy was Alex Ovechkin, the Wash­ing­ton Cap­i­tals star. And re­ally, what would you say to that?

On Fri­day evening, Ovechkin made the rounds as a lo­cal Papa John’s de­liv­ery guy, sur­pris­ing cus­tomers with their din­ner. In to­tal, three de­liv­ery stops for a Papa John’s lo­ca­tion in Ster­ling were treated to ap­pear­ances from Ovechkin, the Caps’ cap­tain and star of a Papa John’s ad­ver­tise­ment.

Back to the scene on the stoop, which was the first stop of the night. The man called over a lit­tle girl, say­ing: “Look who’s here! Who is this guy?” (She knew.) “Oh my god,” he said again. “Holy s—,” an­other man could be heard say­ing in­side.

“I just need a sig­na­ture,” Ovechkin re­sponded be­cause he is a true pro­fes­sional.

Ovechkin’s Fri­day night ap­pear­ances caused a mi­nor stir lo­cally, ac­cord­ing to a Papa John’s em­ployee at the lo­ca­tion. There was a “sig­nif­i­cant” in­crease in calls, he said, in­clud­ing some that re­quested Ovechkin as their de­liv­ery­man.

News of the stunt ap­par­ently leaked be­fore Ovechkin ar­rived at the Papa John’s, which is lo­cated in a lo­cal shop­ping cen­ter. A group of kids, who pre­vi­ously were in a nearby Dunkin’ Donuts, waited out­side be­fore his white Mercedes pulled up.

“I’m go­ing to ask him to sign my fore­head,” one said. “How cool is that!”

The kids peered through the store­front glass to watch as Ovechkin made a pizza af­ter he ar­rived, the first time he had made one him­self. In the store, he also di­vulged his fa­vorite top­pings, which — I’m sad to re­port — seem like a Some­what Gross and Very Bad com­bi­na­tion — ham, mush­rooms, pineap­ple and toma­toes.

(Alex!!! What is even hap­pen­ing there. The tex­tures !!!! Think of the tex­tures !!!!!! Can some­one on the Caps talk him out of this? Barry Trotz, show some lead­er­ship.)

It has al­ready been a pretty good year for fans of both the lo­cal hockey team and de­liv­ery pizza. Papa John’s has a Caps-fo­cused pro­mo­tion: half­price off a reg­u­lar menu price on­line or­der the day af­ter the Caps win and score four or more goals. This sea­son, the on­line or­der dis­count code has been used about 135,900 times.

But not ev­ery Papa John’s cus­tomer is a Caps fan, as it turned out. On Ovechkin’s sec­ond de­liv­ery run, he walked up to a blue door and rang the bell, same as be­fore.

A boy an­swered, along with a teenage girl. “Hello,” Ovechkin said. “Pizza.” And . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . Yeah, there was no re­ac­tion. I mean, I guess there was tech­ni­cally a re­ac­tion, if you count gen­eral con­fu­sion at this de­liv­ery guy who was wear­ing a GoPro cam­era and sur­rounded by a crowd of peo­ple who had their phones out to film what ap­peared to be a rel­a­tively nor­mal pizza-re­lated trans­ac­tion.

“Do you guys rec­og­nize who’s de­liv­er­ing your pizza?” some­one fi­nally asked.

“No,” re­sponded the girl, 17-year-old Tatyana Bai­ley.

“Num­ber 8, from the Wash­ing­ton Cap­i­tals?” “I don’t do sports,” Tatyana said. “It’s a good thing!” Ovechkin said amid the laugh­ter.

“I’m sorry,” the girl re­sponded. “I’m sure this is prob­a­bly very ex­cit­ing for some­one.” (Sorry, Tatyana.) Tatyana later tweeted, “alex ovechkin de­liv­ered my pizza but i had no idea who he was so now im go­ing to be on the news look­ing shook by all the cam­eras.”

To which the Papa John’s of DC ac­count replied on Twit­ter: “[Tatyana], we’d like to in­vite [you] to a @Cap­i­tals game as our guest, so you can see @ovi8 at his best. DM us if you’re in­ter­ested!”

A lit­tle boy wear­ing a red Caps jer­sey watched as Ovechkin pulled up for his third and fi­nal de­liv­ery of the night. The door was an­swered by Lisa Joyner, who shouted, “Oh my god!” and tried (re­ally, re­ally hard) to wran­gle two small kids for pho­tos.

“One more pic­ture!” she said, run­ning off to grab her phone be­fore he left. “Sorry!”

“And the re­ceipt, please?” Ovechkin re­sponded.


Alex Ovechkin made three de­liv­er­ies Fri­day evening for a Papa John’s in Ster­ling, sur­pris­ing cus­tomers with their din­ner.

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