Go­ing steedy: Our win­ning ‘foals’

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BY PAT MYERS Week 1222, our 23rd an­nual con­test to “breed” the names of any two horses from a list of 100 names that the Em­press se­lected from this year’s Triple Crown nom­i­nees, drew a lively field of 3,909 en­tries — more than 200 of them em­ploy­ing Clas­sic Rock, down to just seven mat­ings for poor Taka­ful. If your bril­liant idea isn’t in­cluded be­low, rest assured that it was, like 3,847 others, sent off to a nice farm. See this week’s Style Con­ver­sa­tional column for a col­lec­tion of clever plays on “The Star-Span­gled Ban­ner” for var­i­ous horses bred to Amer­i­can An­them, in ad­di­tion to the four be­low. Oth­er­wise inkwor­thy but sub­mit­ted too fre­quently: Ir­ish War Cry x Made You Look = Erin Go Bragh­less (at least 25 of this breed­ing); Archimedes x Fac­to­rial = Eureka!; and In­dus­tri­al­ist x Term of Art = Carnegie Dali.

4th place

MarchToTheMu­sic x It’s Your Nickel = The Half-Dime Show (Chris Doyle, Den­ton, Tex.)

3rd place

Irap x Rapid Dial = I Like Big But­tons (Lau­rie Brink, Cleve­land, Mo.)

2nd place and the 1936 keep­ing-youth-moral book:

Con­fed­er­ate x Fac­to­rial = Jeb! Stu­art (Jonathan Hardis, Gaithers­burg)

And the win­ner of the Inkin’ Me­mo­rial:

Mid­night Plea­sure x Archimedes = Lover & Lever (Jon Gearhart, Des Moines)

Bred crumbs: hon­or­able men­tions

Horse Fly x The Hard­est Way = Horse Fly United (Dave Pre­var, An­napo­lis)

Un­trapped x Term of Art = Too Loose Lautrec (Steve Price, New York)

Clas­sic Em­pire x Fact Find­ing = Chi­nese Check­ers (Laura Clair­mont, Ash­burn, Va.)

Big Gray Rocket x Archimedes = Ti­tan the Screw (Pete Morelewicz, Fred­er­icks­burg, Va.)

Girvin x Mid­night Plea­sure = Fle­dow­ered (Lau­rie Brink)

Clas­sic Rock x Ac­tion Ev­ery­day = Eric Clap (Jonathan Hardis)

Re­siliency x Iliad = Troy, Troy Again (Steve Glomb, Alexan­dria; Beryl Ben­derly, Washington)

Van­ish x In­dus­tri­al­ist = Dis­ap­pear­ing Inc. (David Franklin,* Chicago, Mark Raffman, Re­ston)

Guest Suite x Bee Jersey = Bed Bath N Bay­onne (Chris Doyle)

Clas­sic Rock x Gummy = Haribo Did­dley (Stephen Dudzik, Ol­ney)

Adu­la­tion x High Fre­quency = Love Hertz (Gor­don Cobb, Ma­ri­etta, Ga.)

Al­ways Dream­ing x Term of Art = REMbrandt (Jon Gearhart)

Amer­i­can An­them x Al­ways Dream­ing = Oh Say Can You Zzz (Michael Por­cello,* Washington)

Amer­i­can An­them x The Stranger= Oh Say Camus See (Mary McNa­mara,* Washington)

Amer­i­can An­them x Cloud Com­put­ing = O Say, Can You C++ (Dion Black, Washington)

Amer­i­can An­them x Caus­tic = Don’s Surly Slight (Jesse Frankovich, Lans­ing, Mich.)

True Tim­ber x Bee Jersey = Spru­u­u­uce!!! (Frank Osen, Pasadena, Calif.)

Take­off x Son­neteer = Bare It Brown­ing (Lau­rie Brink)

Term of Art x Whole Lotta Luck = Rube­nesque Chance (Kevin Dopart, Washington)

Van­ish x Term of Art = Up in Sfu­mato (Kathy El-As­sal, Mid­dle­ton, Wis.)

Vend­ing Ma­chine x It’s Your Nickel = Have One Skit­tle (An­drew Hatziyan­nis, Rockville)

El Areeb x Ir­ish War Cry = ‘Ell, a Beer! (Mark Raffman)

Son­neteer x Take­off = Shall I Comp Thee? (Harold Man­tle, Wal­nut Creek, Calif.)

Con­vict Pike x Comma Sis­ter = Help a Thief! (Robert Oerter, Hy­attsville)

MarchToTheMu­sic x Three Rules = Left Right Re­peat (Jeff Shirley, Rich­mond)

Big Gray Rocket x Hence = All Sys­tems Ergo (Danielle Nowlin, Fair­fax Sta­tion)

Vend­ing Ma­chine x Run­ning Mate = Dis­pencer (Larry Yungk, Arlington; Jeff Ha­zle, San An­to­nio)

Bobby Abu Dhabi x It’s Your Nickel = Emir Tri­fle (Dave Sil­ber­stein, Col­lege Park)

Bee Jersey x MarchToTheMu­sic = Hive Got Rhythm (Phyl­lis Rein­hard, East Fal­low­field, Pa.)

Big Gray Rocket x Fil­let of Sole = Fil­let of Seoul (Stephen Dudzik)

Clas­sic Rock x Talk Lo­gis­tics = Jethro Dull (Mal­colm Fleschner, Palo Alto, Calif.; John Hutchins, Sil­ver Spring)

Clas­sic Rock x Irap = Ho Cal­i­for­nia (Adil Go­drej,* Manas­sas)

Clas­sic Rock x Fact Find­ing = Baba O’Really (Jonathan Hardis)

Clas­sic Rock x The Stranger = The Who? (Mal­colm Fleschner)

Glacier x Time­line = In a Minute Dear (Danielle Nowlin)

Just Move On x Iliad = Walk Off Homer (Brad Alexan­der, Wan­neroo, Aus­tralia)

My Blue Heaven x Cau­cus = No, It’s Iowa (Dave Baum­gart­ner,* Falls Church)

Fact Find­ing x McCraken = Muck Rakin’ (Mark Raffman)

In­dus­tri­al­ist x Big Gray Rocket = Carnegie En­dow­ment (Mark Eck­en­wiler, Washington)

Iliad x Run­ning Mate = Read It and Veep (Brian Co­hen, Win­stonSalem, N.C.)

Fil­let of Sole x Danger­field = Fish Shtick (Deb Ste­wart, Da­m­as­cus, Md.)

Con­fed­er­ate x Prac­ti­cal Joke = Man Asses (Matt Monitto, Bris­tol, Conn.)

Blueridge Trav­eler x Mid­night Plea­sure = Shenand“O”ah (Tom Witte, Mont­gomery Vil­lage, Md.; Dun­can Stevens, Vi­enna, Va.)

Con­fed­er­ate x In­dus­tri­al­ist = Koch-Con­spir­a­tor (Steve Langer, Chevy Chase)

Con­vict Pike x Iliad = Felon of Troy (Larry Gray, Union Bridge, Md.)

Clas­sic Em­pire x Irap = Et Tu­pac? (Mike Ostapiej, Mount Pleas­ant, S.C.)

Bonus Points x Ir­ish War Cry = Bonus Pints (Brian Hal­bert,* Ash­burn, Va.,)

Comma Sis­ter x Prac­ti­cal Joke = Punk’d-ua­tion (Bernard Brink, Cleve­land, Mo.; Hildy Zam­pella, Falls Church)

Con­fed­er­ate x Petrov = Ru­ble Yell (Mike Gips, Bethesda)

Big Gray Rocket x Son­neteer = Bomb Bard (Mary Kap­pus, Washington)

Fil­let of Sole x Ex­ci­ta­tions = Good Vibe Ra­tions (Dave Le­tizia, Alexan­dria)

In­dus­tri­al­ist x It’s Your Nickel = Now It’s MY Nickel (John Hutchins; Ge­orge Smith, Fred­er­ick)

Pat on the Back x Bonus Points = P.A.T. on the Back (Chris Doyle)

Pat on the Back x One Liner = Con­grats, Loser (Brian All­gar, Paris; Larry Pas­sar, Re­ston)

Still run­ning — dead­line Mon­day night, May 8: Our con­test for ideas for a new protest march and clever slo­gans. See bit.ly/ in­vite1225.

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