Re­run for the Roses: More foal names

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The Em­press is off on va­ca­tion, cor­rect­ing peo­ple’s gram­mar in other cities, so this week we bring you more hon­or­able men­tions from this year’s two “foal” name con­tests: I Week 1222 was our 22nd an­nual chal­lenge to “breed” any two names from a list of this year’s Triple Crown nom­i­nees, and to name the re­sult­ing “foal” that al­ludes to both par­ents’ names. Then in Week 1226, we had you “breed” any two of those win­ning names and name the “grand­foal.” The first con­test drew al­most 4,000 en­tries and the sec­ond al­most 2,000, and the E is happy to have a chance to share more of them. To­day’s Losers will get Loser mag­nets if they didn’t get ink in the orig­i­nal con­test. (See the orig­i­nal re­sults at­vite1226 and­vite1230.)

More ‘foals’ from Week 1222 Ac­tion Ev­ery­day x Adornes = Bruce Fril­lis (Beth Mor­gan, Palo Alto, Calif.)

Clas­sic Rock x Gummy = Eleanor Wrig­gly (Lau­rie Brink, Cleve­land, Mo.)

Mo Town x Van­ish = No Town (Jonathan Hardis, Gaithers­burg, Md.)

My Blue Heaven x Ac­tion Ev­ery­day = Heaven Can Wait (Harold Man­tle, Wal­nut Creek, Calif.)

Al­ways Dream­ing x Clas­sic Rock = Zzzzzzz Top (John Hutchins, Sil­ver Spring, Md.)

Blueridge Trav­eler x The Stranger = Hill­billy Joel (Deb Ste­wart, Da­m­as­cus, Md.)

Cloud Com­put­ing x My Blue Heaven = The PERLy Gates (Pete Morelewicz, Fred­er­icks­burg, Va.)

Fil­let of Sole x Pol­lock = Fish and Drips (Malcolm Fleschner, Palo Alto, Calif.)

Ex­ci­ta­tions x Fac­to­rial = !!! (Bernard Brink, Cleve­land, Mo.; Nan Reiner, Boca Ra­ton, Fla.)

Gummy x Amer­i­can An­them = MyGumTreeTisOfThee (Chris Doyle, Den­ton, Tex.)

It’s Your Nickel x Gummy = Mon­ti­jello (Larry Gray, Union Bridge, Md.)

It’s Your Nickel x Horse Fly = Buf­falo Wings (El­iz­a­beth Kline, Fred­er­ick, Md.)

Big Gray Rocket x Thun­der Snow = MOABom­inable (Mike Ostapiej, Mount Pleas­ant, S.C.)

Danger­field x Mo Town = No R-ES-P-E-C-T (Larry Gray)

One Liner x Al­ways Dream­ing = Henny Jung­man (Steve Fa­hey, Kens­ing­ton, Md.)

Lo­cal Hero x Con­vict Pike = The Hoagie Pokey (Danielle Nowlin, Fair­fax Sta­tion, Va.)

Pat on the Back x Ex­ci­ta­tions = Pat on the Front (Barry Koch, Catlett, Va.)

El Areeb x Bobby Abu Dhabi = No Visa for You! (Mike Crev­el­ing, La Plata, Md.)

Iliad x My Blue Heaven = Trojan Hearse (Rob Huff­man, Fred­er­icks­burg, Va.)

Irap x J Boys Echo = JAY Jay jay Z zzz (Mia Wy­att, El­li­cott City, Md.)

Al­ways Dream­ing x Comma Sis­ter = Coma Sis­ter (Brian Hal­bert, Ash­burn, Va.; Mark Raffman, Re­ston, Va.; Bev­er­ley Sharp, Mont­gomery, Ala.)

Big Gray Rocket x Fast and Ac­cu­rate = Hope It’s Ours! (Ge­orge Smith, Fred­er­ick, Md.)

Fact Find­ing x The Hard­est Way = Not Mak­ing Them Up (Mark Raffman)

And more ‘grand­foals’ from Week 1226 Fish Shtick x Lover & Lever = Misses Paul (An­drew Hoenig, Rockville, Md.)

Hive Got Rhythm x Have One Skit­tle = Bee Stingy (Dun­can Stevens, Vi­enna, Va.)

The Half-Dime Show x Don’s Surly Slight = Nickel Odium (Dun­can Stevens; Kevin Dopart, Wash­ing­ton)

Help a Thief! x Don’s Surly Slight = GrabHerPurse, See? (Chris Doyle)

In a Minute Dear x Man Asses = Keep­YourPants On! (Jesse Frankovich, Lans­ing, Mich.)

In a Minute Dear x Read It and Veep = Keep Your Pence On (Jim These leg­gings re­ally show off your mus­cles — well, some­one’s mus­cles.

Holt, Wash­ing­ton)

Ti­tan the Screw x P.A.T. on the Back = At­las Hugged (Pamela Love, Columbia, Md.)

Help a Thief! x Man Asses = Aid­ing & Abut­ting (Wil­liam Ken­nard, Ar­ling­ton, Va.; David Gar­ratt, Sil­ver City, N.M.)

Help a Thief! x O Say, Can You C++ = Aid and a Bot (Kevin Dopart)

Troy, Troy Again x O Say, Can You C++ = Geeks Bear­ing GIFs (Beryl Ben­derly, Wash­ing­ton)

O Say, Can You C++ x No, It’s Iowa = O Say, Can You D- (Drew Ben­nett, West Plains, Mo.)

Ti­tan the Screw x In a Minute Dear = 60 Sec­ond Man (Jeff Shirley, Rich­mond)

Et Tu­pac? x Man Asses = Shakur Booties (May Jam­pathom, Oakhurst, N.J.; Dave Zar­row, Re­ston, Va.)

Left Right Re­peat x Ti­tan the

Screw = Box­ing Wring (Brad Alexan­der, Wan­neroo, Australia)

Read It and Veep x No, It’s Iowa = Ju­lia SooeyDrey­fus (Roy Ash­ley, Wash­ing­ton)

Fish Shtick x Love Hertz = 50 Shads of Grey (Mary McNa­mara, Wash­ing­ton; Larry Gray)

Man Asses x In a Minute Dear = Tuchus a While (Dud­ley Thompson, Cary, N.C.)

Bonus Pints x The Who? = Pin­ball Whizzer (John Hutchins; Rob Huff­man)

Carnegie Dali x Help a Thief! = Lox & Bur­gle (Jeff Shirley)

Chi­nese Check­ers x Man Asses = Chi­nese Cheek­ers (War­ren Tan­abe, An­napo­lis, Md.)

Bed Bath N Bay­onne x Dis­ap­pear­ing Inc. = Bed Bath N Be­gone (Tom Witte, Mont­gomery Vil­lage, Md.; Jon Gearhart, Des Moines)

Con­grats, Loser x Bed Bath N Bay­onne = Flunk, Bunk N Dunk (Mae Scan­lan, Wash­ing­ton)

Shall I Comp Thee? x Bare It Brown­ing = Free Bard! (Dave Ma­tuskey, Sacra­mento)

Bare It Brown­ing x Spru­u­u­uce!!! = Porn in the USA (Mark Raffman)

The Who? x Bare It Brown­ing = Keith’s Moon (Tom Witte)

Still run­ning — dead­line Mon­day night, July 26: two sep­a­rate con­tests! En­ter Week 1235 for song par­o­dies about sci­ence and tech­nol­ogy, at in­vite1235, plus Week 1236 for bad song ti­tles to use as busi­ness slo­gans, at in­vite1236.



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