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How to Play

The rules of Samu­rai Su­doku are the same as in the pop­u­lar Su­doku puz­zles that ap­pear in the daily comics sec­tion.

As with stan­dard Su­doku, the Samu­rai ver­sion re­quires no math, just logic, rea­son­ing ... and an iron will. The goal is to fill in each col­umn, row and 3X3 box with the dig­its 1 through 9 with­out re­peat­ing any. The twist in Samu­rai Su­doku is that the dig­its that ap­pear in the over­lap­ping boxes must work for both puz­zles.

A piece of ad­vice to get you started: Don’t fo­cus com­pletely on one grid at a time. Keep the whole puz­zle in mind as you go, be­cause fill­ing in a number in one grid could give you clues to an­other. What’s im­por­tant to un­der­stand is this: Each Samu­rai puz­zle is ONE puz­zle, not five sep­a­rate Su­doku puz­zles that just over­lap each other. Oc­ca­sion­ally peo­ple claim that, for ex­am­ple, the "bot­tom right" 9X9 puz­zle had more than one so­lu­tion. Well, yes it may, but the en­tire puz­zle can be solved in only one way. Never re­sort to guess­ing! For more tips, go to­doku/wp/?p=144.

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