Gle­ick, not Heart­land, com­mit­ted wrong­do­ing

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Kevin Knoblach, pres­i­dent of the Union of Con­cerned Sci­en­tists, ex­hibits shock­ing hypocrisy about trans­par­ent fund­ing in his re­cent let­ter to The Washington Times (“Heart­land in­con­sis­tent on doc­u­ment theft,” Tues­day).

Mr. Knoblach seeks to ex­ploit glob­al­warm­ing alarmist Peter Gle­ick’s fraud, theft and dis­sem­i­na­tion of fake doc­u­ments by sin­gling out the vic­tim of the crimes, the Heart­land In­sti­tute, for fund­ing crit­i­cisms. Mr. Knoblach claims “the public has a right to know” who gives money to the Heart­land In­sti­tute, a non­profit, pub­licpol­icy or­ga­ni­za­tion.

For­give me for cit­ing some in­con­ve­nient truths, but the Union of Con­cerned Sci­en­tists has had no qualms about ac­cept­ing large amounts of cash from groups, in­clud­ing the Na­tional Wildlife Fed­er­a­tion, the En­vi­ron­men­tal De­fense Fund and the Tides Foun­da­tion, each of which re­fuses to dis­close its donors. I am still wait­ing for Mr. Knoblach to re­turn the money or write let­ters to the ed­i­tor sin­gling out these groups for not dis­clos­ing their donors.

Also, the Heart­land In­sti­tute used to dis­close all of its donors and en­cour­age other public-pol­icy or­ga­ni­za­tions to do the same. How­ever, the very same groups that re­fused to be as trans­par­ent as the Heart­land In­sti­tute en­gaged in ha­rass­ment cam­paigns against Heart­land donors while hid­ing be­hind their own fund­ing anonymity. Even­tu­ally, the Heart­land In­sti­tute tired of this one-way trans­parency, while the Union of Con­cerned Sci­en­tists re­sponded by cozy­ing up to, form­ing al­liances with and ac­cept­ing large chunks of money from Heart­land’s crit­ics.

Fi­nally, it is ap­palling that the pres­i­dent of the Union of Con­cerned Sci­en­tists would use this oc­ca­sion to crit­i­cize the Heart­land In­sti­tute for pro­mot­ing fact-based, un­bi­ased global-warm­ing sci­ence in the schools. How is it that bring­ing Al Gore’s pro­pa­ganda into schools is com­mend­able but when the Heart­land In­sti­tute in­tro­duces facts and sci­ence to counter pro­pa­ganda, it “is work­ing to in­fil­trate” schools? The only wrong­do­ing here was per­pe­trated by Union of Con­cerned Sci­en­tists friend Peter Gle­ick, whether Kevin Knoblach would like us to for­get that fact or not.



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