Obama seizes on ‘slut’ slur to pan­der to women

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Amer­ica, brace your­self. You are about to en­dure the ugli­est, most shame­less, truth-free pres­i­den­tial cam­paign of the tele­vi­sion age. There will be no es­cape. No child will be spared. Not a man in Amer­ica will be able to hide from the sick­ness. No woman will re­main un­de­filed.

And no mat­ter how aw­ful the out­come, Nov. 7 will be cel­e­brated by a great na­tional shower taken by the en­tire coun­try in hopes of scrub­bing away just a bit of the grime and stench of all these aw­ful peo­ple spew­ing their per­verted lies that will have in­fected us all.

Look no fur­ther than the re­cent squab­ble of the ab­surd over whether peo­ple liv­ing in the world’s last re­main­ing su­per­power should be re­quired to pay for their own con­tra­cep­tives in the event they wish not to be­come preg­nant. Call it the Freeload­ing For­ni­ca­tors’ Pri­mary.

A “col­lege stu­dent” (ac­tu­ally a 30-year-old fem­i­nist ac­tivist who went to Ge­orge­town law school ex­pressly to change the Catholic col­lege’s con­tra­cep­tion rules) steps for­ward and lustily dives into the sor­did “de­bate” by pub­licly tes­ti­fy­ing be­fore a par­ti­san con­gres­sional com­mit­tee about her gal­lop­ing sex life and how she sim­ply can­not be re­quired to pay for her own con­tra­cep­tion. (Greece, here we come!)

On talk ra­dio, some­body calls her a slut, the left goes nuts, and she be­comes an overnight sen­sa­tion de­spite keep­ing both feet planted on the floor the en­tire time.

Sens­ing grave in­jus­tice wor­thy of pres­i­den­tial at­ten­tion — or sim­ply chan­nel­ing Bill Clin­ton — Pres­i­dent Obama picked up the Oval Of­fice silly phone and tele­phoned this grand spec­i­men of Amer­ica’s fu­ture to of­fer her words of en­cour­age­ment and tell her just how proud her par­ents must be of her. And who wouldn’t be!

That’s right; the world is on fire, Amer­ica is broke, peo­ple are steal­ing gaso­line from one an­other like in scenes from “Mad Max,” and the leader of the free world freezes and for that mo­ment is most con­cerned about some crazy ex­hi­bi­tion­ist who got in­sulted on talk ra­dio be­cause she wants a bunch of free rub­bers.

Why, you ask, would Mr. Obama take the time to wade into such ut­ter non­sense with so much else of far greater im­por­tance go­ing on?

Well, the an­swer is sim­ple. Mr. Obama des­per­ately wants to win re-elec­tion, and his team has de­ter­mined that women vot­ers will de­ter­mine the out­come. So, this great states­man will not fail to seize a sin­gle tawdry squab­ble or id­i­otic de­bate be­tween now and the elec­tion in which to cyn­i­cally pan­der to women.

That’s right, gone is the soar­ing or­a­tory about hope and change. In its place is a bunch of gross panty rhetoric.

Cra­zi­est of all is how on earth this whole de­bate has been cast as some kind of ti­tanic strug­gle of prin­ci­ple be­tween re­li­gious zealots op­posed to birth con­trol and fem­i­nists fight­ing for women’s health care.

By the time Elec­tion Day rolls around, Miss San­dra Fluke will have been a nun in a con­vent who was raped by Mitt Rom­ney, beaten by Newt Gin­grich while Rick San­to­rum ripped away her con­tra­cep­tives and forced her to carry the rapist spawn to full term. All the while, Rush Lim­baugh, who ap­par­ently ap­pears on the bal­lot in ev­ery state as the Re­pub­li­can can­di­date’s “Ra­dio Czar,” will have stood by cheer­ing and call­ing her “slut.”

Truth is, it’s not about any such high prin­ci­ple. It is all about a loafer col­lege stu­dent who doesn’t feel like shelling out her own money to pay for her sex­ual pur­suits and re­ally would like her school, tax­pay­ers, the church — any­body other than her­self — to pay for it.


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