The left’s war on red­necks

Lib­eral com­men­ta­tors be­tray their in­tol­er­ance for con­ser­va­tives

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In their own minds, lib­er­als are open-minded and pro­mote di­ver­sity — un­less they’re talk­ing about a white, south­ern, con­ser­va­tive be­liever. In that case, it’s open sea­son for in­tol­er­ance.

Tues­day’s Re­pub­li­can pri­maries in Mis­sis­sippi and Alabama brought out the worst in some lib­eral com­men­ta­tors. HBO’S Bill Maher added to his re­cent dif­fi­cul­ties by tweet­ing “Tooth­less Tues­day too tight to tally! We’re gath­ered around the magic picture box with a bowl of grits watch­ing the re­turns come in!” This was a mean-spir­ited dig based on car­toon­ish stereo­types of the South.

Mr. Maher’s de­fend­ers might point to Jeff Fox­wor­thy’s brand of hu­mor, list­ing the al­leged char­ac­ter­is­tics of red­necks. Mr. Fox­wor­thy — who last week en­dorsed Mitt Rom­ney for pres­i­dent — al­ways de­liv­ers his lines with a wink, whereas Mr. Maher has de­vel­oped a per­ma­nent smirk. Mr. Fox­wor­thy’s blue-col­lar fans might nod and ad­mit that some jokes ring a lit­tle true; Mr. Maher’s priv­i­leged left­wing devo­tees are al­ready cer­tain that the peo­ple in those states are il­lit­er­ate hill­bil­lies. To para­phrase Lynyrd Skynyrd, south­ern folk don’t need them around any­how.

In Jan­uary, ac­tor Chris Rock at­tacked au­thor Ja­son Mat­tera when asked about state­ments the co­me­dian had made that con­ser­va­tive ac­tivists were racist and “in­sane.” Mr. Rock tore a cam­era from a fe­male videog­ra­pher, threw it 50 feet and chal­lenged Mr. Mat­tera to a fight. “Tea Party mem­bers get called the worst things imag­in­able and still re­main peace­ful,” Mr. Mat­tera said. “But ask a big Hol­ly­wood celebrity to ex­plain him­self and the guy goes bal­lis­tic.”

Co­me­dian Louis C. K., who usu­ally avoids po­lit­i­cal top­ics, pulled out of host­ing the up­com­ing Ra­dio and Tele­vi­sion Con­gres­sional Cor­re­spon­dents’ Din­ner af­ter a boy­cott threat from Fox News’ Greta Van Susteren. Ms. Van Susteren was out­raged at graphic and ob­scene lan­guage the comic had used to de­scribe Sarah Palin. His words were far worse than any­thing Rush Lim­baugh had said re­gard­ing fem­i­nist ac­tivist San­dra Fluke, but Mr. Lim­baugh’s com­ments prompted grand­stand­ing celebrity lawyer Glo­ria Allred to de­mand his im­pris­on­ment. There have been no sim­i­lar calls for foul-mouthed leftists to wind up be­hind bars for the things they’ve said. Luck­ily, the First Amend­ment still stands.

A new study con­firms the gen­eral lack of tol­er­ance for di­ver­sity on the left. A Pew Re­search Cen­ter sur­vey of be­hav­ior on so­cial me­dia sites found that lib­er­als are the most likely to have blocked, un­friended, hid­den or oth­er­wise muted a per­son on a so­cial me­dia site who posted po­lit­i­cal con­tent they did not like. Ap­par­ently even in the rel­a­tively be­nign on­line uni­verse, lib­er­als sim­ply can­not stand be­ing ex­posed to ideas they don’t agree with and have to shut them out. If this type of bla­tant hypocrisy and gen­eral in­ci­vil­ity up­sets you, you might just be an Amer­i­can.

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