Prized play­wright gets lit­tle ap­plause at home

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DEAR ABBY: I am an ama­teur play­wright. Our lo­cal the­ater spon­sors an an­nual play­writ­ing con­test. The prize isn’t mon­e­tary, but some­thing far more im­por­tant to an au­thor — a fullscale pro­duc­tion of the play.

I have won this prize four times — more than any other writer in the his­tory of the con­test. But is my fam­ily im­pressed? Not at all! My wife told me she thinks I write ev­ery­thing the same way and sim­ply have re­peated my­self four times. Her put-downs are deeply hurt­ful.

I am up in years. It’s un­likely I will ever again win this prize. So how do I respond to such in­dif­fer­ence? What do you do when you feel you have ac­com­plished some­thing im­por­tant and the re­sponse is, “So, what else is new?” — LOOK­ING FOR VAL­I­DA­TION IN FLORIDA

DEAR LOOK­ING FOR VAL­I­DA­TION: My hat’s off to you. That you have won this prize more than any other writer in the his­tory of the con­test is a no­table achieve­ment, and one that’s not likely to be matched for a long time — if ever. At­tend the pro­duc­tion, take your well-earned bow in the spot­light, and ac­cept that the less you look to your wife for val­i­da­tion, the hap­pier your life will be.

DEAR ABBY: About a year ago, my fi­ancee, “Jayne,” re­con­nected with a child­hood friend through Face­book.

“Chris­tine” is gay, unattached and very at­trac­tive. She has a great per­son­al­ity, and ev­ery­one who meets her seems to be at­tracted to her. Jayne and Chris­tine have had overnighters to­gether. I have asked my fi­ancee if Chris­tine has ever made ad­vances to­ward her and she said no. I want to be­lieve her, but part of me is wary.

They are now plan­ning to go on a trip for a few days to an is­land.

Be­lieve it or not, gay peo­ple are ca­pa­ble of pla­tonic friend­ships with mem­bers of the same sex, just as straight peo­ple can have pla­tonic re­la­tion­ships with peo­ple of the op­po­site sex. The bot­tom-line ques­tion is, do you trust your fi­ancee? If the an­swer is, you’re not sure, then you should re­think the en­gage­ment.

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