Can we re­turn to great­ness?

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I don’t think it will come as a sur­prise to most folks that peo­ple who seek to scrap our Con­sti­tu­tion and di­min­ish the in­flu­ence of our Chris­tian her­itage have in­fil­trated our gov­ern­ment.

Where is the “tip­ping point” of no re­turn? Are we past the point of be­ing able to bring Amer­ica back to its sta­tus as the most pow­er­ful na­tion in the world? Even more, are we past the point of caring? To me, that is the most con­cern­ing.

For the root of our prob­lems, we need look no fur­ther than the pres­i­dent and the di­vide he has caused be­tween dif­fer­ent cul­tures and re­li­gions. And let’s not for­get the dis­tance he has cre­ated be­tween the haves and have-nots.

And what about the masses who want to keep the Ten Com­mand­ments dis­played in public places? Where have their rights gone?

Those who want to up­hold the right to life — where have their rights gone? Don’t par­ents have the right to raise their chil­dren to know right from wrong and not be in­flu­enced through stud­ies that their par­ents be­lieve are against all Chris­tian teach­ings?

Amer­ica has opened its doors to all peo­ple over the years, and all it has asked in re­turn has been ad­her­ence to its laws. Yet many to whom we have opened our doors have sought to mold Amer­ica ac­cord­ing to their twisted ide­ol­ogy and have set us back.

God help us if we are past the point of no re­turn. If we are not, those of us who truly love Amer­ica are the only ones who can make a dif­fer­ence. GE­ORGE T. WEIR Jacks­boro, Texas

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