Obama’s real en­ergy goal: No drilling

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Lately, Pres­i­dent Obama has been out on the stump lament­ing our na­tion’s lack of suf­fi­cient oil re­serves to meet our en­ergy needs.

He claims that the United States has just 2 per­cent of the global oil re­serves while it con­sumes more than 20 per­cent of the world’s oil sup­plies. At worst, this as­ser­tion amounts to a bla­tant lie and at the very least, it is in­ten­tion­ally mis­lead­ing.

What he does not want the Amer­i­can public to know is that this coun­try is awash in oil, pos­sess­ing more than onethird of the world’s tech­ni­cally re­cov­er­able oil re­serves, thanks to re­cent de­vel­op­ments in drilling pro­ce­dures.

So why spin the fan­tas­tic fairy tale that it would be use­less to drill for more oil be­cause this coun­try does not have enough oil re­serves to im­pact gaso­line prices? There is only one an­swer: If Mr. Obama told the Amer­i­can public the truth about our coun­try’s vast oil re­serves, Amer­i­cans would more likely de­mand in­creased drilling and un­der­mine the pres­i­dent’s dream for an Amer­ica driven al­most en­tirely by “re­new­able” en­ergy (wind, so­lar, etc.). The pres­i­dent en­vi­sions a coun­try in which all Amer­i­cans are driv­ing elec­tric cars us­ing electricity gen­er­ated by burn­ing that mir­a­cle fuel, al­gae.

So while he pays lip ser­vice to drilling for oil, he is ac­tu­ally op­posed to it and hopes to drive up oil and gas prices in an ef­fort to make sub­si­dized re­new­able en­ergy sources more cost-com­pet­i­tive. Thus, when Mr. Obama says he fa­vors drilling for oil, don’t be­lieve him. It is what they call a “snow job.” HAR­RI­SON E. MC­CAN­DLISH Alexan­dria

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