The real ‘bad ap­ple’ is Oba­macare

The Washington Times Daily - - Editorial -

Pres­i­dent Obama stated that plans that do not con­form to Oba­macare are is­sued by “bad ap­ple” com­pa­nies. I am self-em­ployed and own a pol­icy from Kaiser Per­ma­nente here in Mary­land. Kaiser cov­ered di­ag­no­sis, surgery and fol­low-up for the past four years for can­cer in the fam­ily. Not only did Kaiser cover us, it did not raise our pre­mi­ums and cer­tainly did not drop us.

Yet since my plan does not cover all facets of Oba­macare, I am be­ing dropped. As peo­ple in our mid-50s, we do not need ma­ter­nity or pe­di­atric care — yet we are now be­ing asked to buy a plan that in­cludes these items. The pre­mium will rise from about $500 per month to nearly $900 per month. I can’t com­pare this rate to any avail­able in the ex­changes be­cause the sys­tems are down. In ad­di­tion, I make too much money to qual­ify for a sub­sidy. Thank you, Mr. Pres­i­dent. By the way, Mr. Obama, have you reached out to Kaiser to let the com­pany know you con­sider it a “bad ap­ple” in­surer? J.P. MARTIN Bethesda

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